Thursday, June 16, 2011

at least the prints are framed!

lilah's new bedroom frame

I would love to say that Lilah's bedroom was finished for her 4th birthday (May 29th), but it wasn't!

The 'honey do list' for this summer is the length of my arm and then some. We're pretty much waiting for my dear sweet wonderful husband to finish up a few jobs from our big ol' renovation last summer and then we can get the painter in to finish those few jobs and paint Lilah's room. I think we'll get it painted a light to medium grey, right now it's more of a taupe/grey, see picture above.

A few weeks ago we went to IKEA and bought the lamp and all the frames for the prints (I bought on Etsy). I think they're going to look beautiful! You know when you can see it all come together in your head? I just can't wait! We've also decided on the Hemnes line of furniture, all in white, from IKEA. I had my eye on another line that I'd seen online, but when I checked it out in reality, I wasn't as pleased with it.

I have to admit, Lilah doesn't seem the least bit put out, nor does she even want to move out of her crib. She adores it. But like I said to my husband, I don't want her starting school and telling her friends she still sleeps in a crib! Ha-ha!

Oh well, it'll happen sometime. Right now I'm just doing as her print says - keep calm and love pigs!

herman chair hemnes nightstand white idea: lilah's bedroom hemnes wardrobe white hemnes bookcase white hemnes double bed white


  1. I think it will look fabulous and I can hardly wait to see it done!

  2. Must be very exciting to redecorate Lilah's bedroom. I like white furniture for children and I'm sure it will look very nice.

  3. Love this and love your blog! Found you when you received Lilah's referral because our younger daughter is from the same SWI. And I am from Scotland originally - so love to see your photos of your trips back home! And I used to live in upstate NY and so knew exactly where you went on your shopping trip! Just wondering if you could let me know where you found the pig print on ETSY since I have a niece in college who LOVES and collects pigs. Thanks so much! Fiona in WI

  4. I can't wait to see it!! I bet it is going to be divine!

    I love the cupcake photos too... too sweet (ha!)

  5. Hi Fiona!

    That is so neat, us having quite a few things in common! :)

    The print is from the Etsy shop called: 'Keep Calm Shop'. The link is below...

    I bought the 5x7 size, but they also sell it in 8x10. Depends what size you want! :)

    Take care and thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi!

  6. I am looking forward to seeing Lilah's room! Love the pig and the pig print :)

    Tia's room is on about the same schedule lol.

    xo ellie