Saturday, June 4, 2011

her adorable speaks

mellow yellow

: "Why does that sharpener take the skin off the pencil?"

: After finding something she deemed to have lost, she cried out, "Oh THERE it is. I've been looking for that for a year now!"

: "It's TOTALLY summer today!"

: Talking about the sun going behind the cloud and coming back out again. "Oh. The dark came on and off."

: "Why did God make mothers? have little babies in her little belly?"

: I hear this almost every day: "Okay. So I'm the Mama and you're the wee daughter. Okay?"

: After telling her I was going out to brush up the debris after a very windy day, she said: "Oh. Well sometimes I wear capris!"

: "Love you Mama - the most amazing Mama in the whole wide world."

: She saw a dwarf lady in the dollar store one day and she said "Ohhhh, look at that wee tiny Mama. I think she's older than us."

: After asking Lilah if she is a sinner, she said... "Well sometimes I cry after I give attitude and that's a sin. But sometimes I cry when I hurt myself and God doesn't mind that!"

: She, without fail, points our bare chested men and asks why they aren't wearing shirts. Usually in her loudest voice!

: She uses the term 'all day' even though she means 'every day'.

: She says 'Wook' instead of 'Look'.

mellow yellow


  1. Like,Love,Adore,Special.

    I Like what Lilah says
    I Love how Lilah say's it
    I Adore how her little mind works
    And I just want to say how Special you are Granddaughter!
    LOVED talking with you last evening (-:
    Nono & Papie xxxooo

  2. Loved reading her "Lilah-isms!"
    She's just adorable in all ways.

    Beautiful pics too.

  3. So sweet and such personality.

    Love the photos with that yellow background.

    She is truly beautiful.

  4. Lilah-isms are the sweetest and she is quite beautiful!

  5. I always look forward to these posts. My favorites are when she uses the term "wee" instead of little. Can't wait to hear what she will say next.

  6. I could "listen" to her Lilah-speaks all day! Like I've said before, I love the way her little mind works. What a cute little personality!

    Gin =)

  7. Such a wise little one she is! And so very funny and sweet. Love this post! Your photos, as usual, are absolutely glorious!

  8. I could read those all day.... she is adorable!!!!