Friday, June 24, 2011

ornamental gardens

ornamental gardens, ottawa

Yesterday we took a little drive over to the Ornamental Gardens, that adjoins the Experimental Farm in the city.

For two summers in a row we spent a lot of time here, but this summer we've been busy doing other things! The weather has been so incredible that we've been hanging out at the splash pad at least twice, three, even four times a week! Because of that, we missed the lilacs, the lily of the valley, the irises, the flowering cherry trees, etc. However, we didn't miss the roses this year. Oh my, the smell of the gardens is amazing at the moment. There are roses bushes, upon roses bushes, upon roses bushes - maybe I should have planted a rose bush in our little front yard garden!

Lilah was thrilled to see the fishpond back in action again - she rather enamoured with the two frog statues that sit and "Spit out water!" - her words! She watched the Gnomeo and Juliet movie a few weeks ago - her first movie! And since that, she has decided that we need 'Gnomeo and Juliet' statues for our little front yard garden! Somehow, they remind me a little too much of those tacky Irish Leprechauns! Heh!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the last one of Miss Lilah! We also enjoy the splash pad in our area. We are there weekly to cool off! Where do you get Lilah's adorable monogrammed hair bows? I would love to order some if that is possible! :)

  2. oh wow, how beautiful! Seriously beautiful!

    and Ms. Lilah is so darn cute in that skirt! Serious cuteness. I just want to squeeze her!


  3. Love the photo of that one yellow rose. It is simply perfect! And of course, Lilah looks adorable in that beautiful skirt!

  4. Hi Brooke,

    The personalized hair clips are by detailsshop on Etsy!

    And for anyone who wants to know, the cute skirt is by 'prettyme' on Etsy!

    I love handmade! :)

  5. Gorgeous... Miss Lilah and the flowers!

    MANY congratulations on your news to adopt again and we will keep you in our prayers!!!
    SOOOOOO exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lovely pictures!!

    That skirt is a-dorable!!! :)

  7. Thank you SO much Jill! I'm really excited to find that they are Etsy- I share your love for all things handmade and unique!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Beautiful pictures! And I'm completely lovin' that skirt!

  9. Goodness, Lilah looks so grown up all of a sudden!