Monday, June 13, 2011

racoons or cocoons?

the daffodils

Lilah and I went to her Junior Kindergarten open house last Thursday evening. It was a little meet and greet the teacher and get to know some of her classroom friends.

Today, all out of the blue she asked me this:

lilah: Do teachers know best Mama?
me: Yes, they know a whole lot of stuff Lilah.
lilah: Well, why did the teacher tell me the racoons would turn into a big butterfly then?
me: Huh? Oh, I think she said the cocoons would turn into a butterfly!
lilah: Oh. Okay.

The teacher's current Junior Kindergarten class is observing cocoons at the moment and I presume the teacher was telling her about them and how the butterflies would be emerging in the near future.

She is such a funny monkey, I get many a good laugh over the things she says!

A few times recently she has been picking up on words that sound similiar and using them as a 'stand in' for the actual word. Like a few weeks ago when I was talking about cleaning up the 'debris' and she told me that sometimes she wears 'capris'! And then a few days ago she was talking about her 'statues' and I finally caught on she meant her 'tatoos', the temporary type of course, that her friend had given her.


  1. It's good you have a blog to write all those cute sayings down!! Liam used to say the funniest stuff and now I can't remember half of it! I thought for sure I would remember but -nope- my bad memory wins.

    She looks adorable!! Love that stick :)

  2. That's excellent that she is really understanding rhyming words, it is one of the skills that helps with reading. I had a little giggle imagining racoons floating around like butterflies.

  3. Great story to remember... she is going to amuse her teacher for sure and she will thrive and learn so much in pre-kindergarten, it will amaze you!

  4. Lilah is so smart...such a funny little girl that I can see why she keeps her mama laughing.

  5. I love this photo. And thanks for sharing all of the "Lilah-isms". She just makes me smile!

    Gin =)

  6. Kate does that same thin all the time. Today one of our friends said he was going to give Kate some privacy and she told me he has surprise for her!