Saturday, June 11, 2011

a family day at the renfrew county expo

We went to the Expo 150 yesterday.

Lilah had the time of her life, with 7 hours of action packed kiddie fun and lots of sun...what's not to love?!

There were all sorts of activities, here's a few she enjoyed:
: Five different kinds of bouncy castle/slides!
: A little lesson in white water rafting (without the 'white water' thankfully!) and how to hold the paddle.
: A ride on the 'Giant Tiger' train.
: An air show with lots of military aircraft that she could get on and play in!
: Face painting. (She's a rabbit!)
: An animal farm. Including Lilah's favourite - the baby pigs.
: The SkyHawks parachute team.
: And lots more!

And the icing on the cake, or the sugar on the hot and crispy donuts in our case, it was all free! Including the parking and admission. We were pleasantly surprised. Most of the fairs here are definitely not free!

I can't believe she jumped and bounced and giggled for almost two hours on the bouncy castles! Is it any wonder she had already fallen asleep in the five minutes it took us to drive out of the parking lot.

It was a fantastic family day.


  1. Looks like a great family day! I love that photo of the pig! And free is always good.

  2. I love those kind of days! But for some reason, that pig face frightens me....not sure why!!! Lilah makes a very cute bunny though...........

  3. You guys do the neatest things.... that looks like a fun day for sure! Love all the photos!!!!

  4. Oh this looks so fun!!!!

  5. What fun you all had!!! Love them all but especially the one of her looking at the mama and baby pigs. So cute.

  6. Looks like so much fun! Love all the pictures.

  7. What a great weekend of big and small pleasures! And as always the photos are WOW and clearly show your happiness!