Sunday, June 26, 2011

a saturday walk

A walk in Gatineau Park...

We've had a few weeks of incredibly beautiful weather, with hardly even a spit of rain. Then on Friday the heavens pretty much opened and the rain didn't take time to come down. Then on Saturday we got some rain showers on and off, along with lots of sunshine in between.

Yesterday, amid the sunshine and showers, we decided to take a drive to Gatineau Park, get some ice-cream and walk one of the trails there. It was so nice, the trees sheltered us from both the sun and rain and the warm humid air made for some hungry mosquitoes! Let's just say we walked briskly through some parts - stopping for photos wasn't happening so much!

In a couple of these photos you can see the little gullies where parts of the trails were washed away in Friday's crazy rainstorm. Lilah enjoyed jumping over them. And there were puddles galore, much to Lilah's satisfaction - I guess rain boots would have worked better!


  1. Gravy! I LOVE the ones of Miss Lilah and her Daddy!! They seem to have such a special relationship!! :)

  2. the picture of Lilah with her arm behind her back is so sweet.

    Funny, we have had sooooooooo much rain.


  3. It looks like a beautiful park. You have such great weather there... it feels like we haven't even started summer here yet... we have had so much rain! The bridge photos are stunning.

  4. Symply beautiful!!!
    Thank for your message!

  5. Lilah looks happy to be jumping over those puddles....they just dont mind getting wet do they?

  6. Beautiful pictures! That looks like an amazing place to spend a few hours. Kerry would not have been able to resist those puddles either.

    Gin =)

  7. Oh these are GORGEOUS!! I love the ones on the bridge..... what a great location.

    Lilah is just so full of life..... you can see that just by looking at her photos!

    Have a wonderful week~



  8. Great pics! Lilah is thriving. What a lucky family you are....parenthood is awesome, isn't it!! :)

  9. What a gorgeous path! Glad you had some nice weather for a walk!