Saturday, June 25, 2011

shopping saturday : mani-mina on etsy

I'm going to start blogging about some of my favourite places to shop. More especially, my favourite Etsy shops. Maybe I'll even try to make it my Saturday routine! Because I simply love children's handmade clothes.

Mani-Mina - Brooklyn, New York - "Casual Elegance for Extraordinary Kids!"

The lady that runs this shop is fabulous. It's one of my all time favourite shops. Her clothes are simple and chic, the prices are affordable, they're very wearable and the sewing is excellent! And if you want to make it yourself, she also sells the patterns! You do need to check in with her often though, because she's constantly adding new designs to her little shop. Also, she's had over 10,000 sales, so that tells you that she's a busy bee and her clients just keep coming back for more!

I've bought Lilah three dresses and a shirt from this shop. And as a side note, these dresses are the kind that grow with your child, they can later be worn as shirts over leggings or jeans. And just look at how tiny my little girl used to be. So sweet!

lilah wearing mani-mina (on etsy) dress lilah wearing mani-mina (on etsy) dress lilah wearing mani-mina (on etsy) dress lilah wearing mani-mina (on etsy) shirt lilah wearing mani-mina (on etsy) dress lilah wearing mani-mina (on etsy) dress mani-mina on etsy


  1. I love this idea! Really LOVE it. I can't wait for Saturdays!


  2. Oooo! I'm SO excited about this plan of yours!! (And I adore that pic of Lilah and the lighthouse!! You are such a talented photographer!!)

  3. They are DARLING!!!! ANd I agree with Lea - keep em coming! I always love to find new designers on etsy who come recommended!! And I love handmade clothes too!

  4. I love this idea too! You always find the cutest stuff...

  5. Oh Fun!!! I'll be tuning in!! Awesome pics!

  6. I thought that photo of Lilah on the steps with the cream jacket and sunglasses looked familiar! I always wondered if that was her on the No Hands But Ours website. She is always a well dressed little girl!

  7. Love this idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with.....

  8. Wow these esty dresses are adorable! I'll have to check them out...Your daughter is so precious too! We have a Maylie "Grace" and a "Lily" on the way so of course I love your daughter's name!