Monday, April 30, 2012

a month-in-photos : april

Ahh April! You truly brightened our day with your beautiful spring flowers. One of the things that made me grin this month is when Lilah asked me: "When will our flowers be born?" The wording she used was so appropriate for this time of the year - watching our (Fall planted) bulbs grow daily and finally burst into life.

April brings those lovely warm showers, that turns everything into life. Although, if I'm perfectly honest, there were plenty of cool days in April, I think we were spoiled with the extra heat and sunshine that we had in March!

Not only did April bring beautiful flowers, it also brought rabbit ears and chocolate eggs and a trip to Starbucks for our first Strawberry & Cream Frappuccino of the season - it was indeed a delicious month too! The month of April was also brightened in an unforgettable way four years ago, with the referral of our precious Lilah girl. She is a ray of sunshine in our lives and brightens our days in every single way.


  1. Very nice blog!
    she is beautiful, nice picture...Everything is perfect!!!

    Monica from just cross de river...Gatineau!

  2. I love spring... and Lilah's comment is so true... new birth....

    Great photos!