Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday snapshot - crafty girl

crafty: melty beads

Have you ever heard of melty beads?

Let's just say they are entertaining, REALLY entertaining... if you have a little crafty girl in your house, melty beads are the way to go! We ordered this book from the school book club two weeks ago and it arrived this past week. Lilah was SO excited and has spent many hours (since the day it arrived home in her backpack) pegging beads on the little board by tracing the patterns in the book and making some very fun things; like a fire engine and a duck and tulips and a dragonfly and a dog - the possibiities are endless! On the other hand, I've been spending many hours (slight exaggeration!) ironing her beads! Yes, everytime she makes something, I have to iron the beads so they melt and stick together. Actually, the ironing is easy peasy and best of all, I get to see Lilah's happy face when the finished product has been melted together!

Lilah is really big into creativity and crafts - she loves to create and draw and glue and colour and write and tape.

I generally only blog about the things Lilah and I do together or what we do as a family, but Baba and Lilah have lots of 'dates' too. I just don't blog about them, because Baba doesn't take pictures, and posts without pictures (in my estimation) are rather boring! Ha! Anyway, Baba gave Lilah a choice of things they could do together yesterday and she chose a trip to the local farm in the city here. Her reasoning for wanting to go to the farm was because last time she got to do fun crafts there! Indeed, she got to do some fun crafts this time too - she arrived home with a sheep made from her handprint and real sheeps wool!! And a cow she coloured. She also learned all about eggs, met some friends and of course she got to visit the farm animals. By all accounts, it sounded like they had a wonderful time together and enjoyed their 'Daddy Daughter Day'.

Here's a few more pictures of our crafty girl enjoying her melty beads and the final product - a green dog named Fred!

crafty: melty beads crafty: melty beads crafty: melty beads crafty: melty beads crafty: melty beads

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  1. My girls LOVE melty beads, but I love the idea of the book with the pictures layed out beneath... I may have to look for that one. I do hate ironing though!

    Lovely photos!

  2. I love those beads, but I've never seen them so large! Great for little fingers.

  3. I love those things! Great photos!

  4. I havent heard of them here in the UK, but Im on the case! Lilah is getting so grown up, Jill.............Dx

  5. Love that smile in the last shot!! Lilah does seem to be a very creative girl. I agree with Debbie, she's looking so grown up in that first shot.

    Gin =)

  6. She is sooo cute! Love these shots, Jill :)
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Ahhh, I used to love doing these with my grandma! Great shots!

  8. Good job, little girl. Aww, she is so sweet. Must buy some for my little girl, she'd love them.

  9. great pictures and it looks like so much fun! Our kids love to make those pictures but I haven't seen big beads, those are cool!
    I stopped by from Sunday Snapshot:)

  10. Oh my goodness. What a great smile. She looks so incredibly happy. I love these pictures. I love little girls and crafts! : ) So much fun!

  11. Hey, no big deal about the craft ironing, think of the alternative - spending time ironing everybody's clothes! I will have to go check this craft out, thanks for the suggestion.

  12. Anonymous25 May, 2012

    I bought this very same Mani Mina top for my littlest girl. Great minds think alike ;-)