Saturday, April 7, 2012

the easter bunny

easter bunny @ Carlingwood Mall

One of my co-workers had told me about the Easter bunny rabbit making an appearance at the local mall this weekend. So we swung by today to see if we could catch a glimpse of this fun rabbit, who happened to drop off lots of crafts and a chocolate egg at our house last night!

There was face painting and bunny rabbit ear making and picture taking - Lilah thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Before she went to the bath tonight I grabbed a few picture of her little bunny face before it got washed off. She was in a very funny and hoppy mood! (I edited these pictures using The Pioneer Woman's 'seventies action'.)


  1. Happy Easter! She is one gorgeous girl!

  2. Isn't Lilah just so full of life? Love :)

    Shush, dont tell my secret......Im afraid of the Easter Bunny - to me, they look really scary! Dx

    But little ones seem to love them.........

  3. I love that lady bunny! And, Miss L looks so cute!

    Happy Easter!


  4. Oh how I adore Lilah. I think she and Kate would be sweet and giggly friends:)

    Happy Easter!!!!

  5. Love Lilah'a Easter look, so cute! Pictures are amazing as always. Happy Easter!

  6. So Cute!!!!

  7. Happy Easter! Hope she shared her bunny loot with her family. I *might* be sneaking some from the kid's baskets as we speak! ;)