Friday, April 6, 2012

good friday

good friday

I love relaxing family days...

First of all, we went to check if the daffodils were blooming at Rockcliffe Park, as we seem to be having a rather early spring this year. But no blooms yet, probably in another week or two.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Zak's in the market with our Easter Bunny! We had to wait for a table and when the girl asked if it was for three people I agreed and then backed that up by saying "It's for Jill". She looked at me, grinned and said: "I already wrote that it's for 'The Easter Bunny'!"

Then we went and fed the Chickadees. We could hardly get Lilah dragged away from this task, she would have sat there for hours feeding them out of her hand! What a patient girl she is. She told me that the next time we feed the birds we'll bring Phebe along and Phebe can sit on her knee. *melt my heart*

And finally we had brought along the eggs Lilah dyed a while back and Lilah rolled them down a nice steep hill at the arboretum. Well, rolled is a loose term, more like chucked her eggs down the hill! They didn't stand a chance and as much as we cleaned up the mess, the seagulls still got to dine on a fair amount of boiled eggs! Lilah and Baba also rolled down the hill - quite a few times! Baba said he was getting too old for this kind of stuff, he was just slightly dizzy from the whole experience! Heh! And the best part - I got those crazy two on video!


  1. Oh, I loved seeing Lilah and her silly Baba rolling down that hill..thanks for sharing that video! And you seem to get the most wonderful shots of your little bird whisperer with her birdie friends.

    Gin =)

  2. Happy Easter my friend!

    Your hubby is only a little teeny bit crazy BTW...but I love it! He is definetly my kind of Daddy :)

    And Lilah? Cute as a button, as always. Dx

  3. Incredible photos. You have a real talent...such a joy viewing your posts.

    Lilah is certainly cute as a button!!

    Happy Easter. :)


  4. I want to visit this park and feed the birds... So beautiful.

  5. I loved how they held hands as they ran back up the hill together! What, no footage of you rolling down the hill too? ;)