Tuesday, April 10, 2012

some moments are just plain funny!


: After explaining something to Baba one night, he said "That's very smart Lilah", she replied, "Well I was just using my brain!"

: I threw out a silly cardboard box piggy bank a guy in the bank gave her one day, because she has a perfectly beautiful ceramic one in her bedroom! She would never have known, but I left it sitting out on the porch and she happened to see it! The following ensued...

lilah: "Did you throw out my piggy bank? I saw it on the porch."
me: "Yes, I did. You already have one in your bedroom right?"
lilah? "Hmmm."
me: "And it's probably your favourite, because it's a piggy one, right?"
lilah: "Hmmm."
me: "Well, what do you think?"
lilah: "I agree with what Baba says - not you!"

(As a side note, Baba hadn't said a thing, he didn't even know anything about it! It was her funny way of telling me she didn't agree with me! Haha!)

: When she really likes food she always says to me: "I don't just like this. I LOOOOOVE THIS!"

: Baba asked Lilah to do something one morning, she turned to him and said: "God helps those who help themselves!" (That is a common phrase Baba uses when we ask him do something - it came back to bite him!

: Walking past our neighbours garden: "Oh Mama! Look at those tulips, they're born already!"

: All of a sudden during breakfast one morning: "Frenemies! That's when two friends love each other very much, but sometimes they fight!"

: After school one day:
me: "Aww, Lilah, that was a sweet goodbye hug and kiss Jonah gave you today."
lilah: "Yeah, we're friends again."
me: "Oh. You weren't friends for a while?"
lilah: "Well, Jonah was just taking a wee break from me."
me: *snort*

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  1. Double snort! Frenemies? Already, isn't she just in Kindergarten?

    1. Yes, 4 years old, in JK!
      I asked her who told her about frenemies, because I'd never even heard the term before. She said her teacher told her about it! Ha!

  2. Love it, frenemies! Lilah is too cute.

  3. She is too funny!!! I love all the little things they say! They will make for great stories one day when they are older and have families of their own.

    Completely off topic, but had to mention.... LOVE the chair in the background. SO PRETTY!!!

    Have a great week Jill~



    1. The chair is from Pier 1 Imports. I went loking for it online, because that's where I originally found it, but it must no longer be for sale.

      This one is the same, only with a different fabric...


  4. she is growing up so beautifully. She is so clever. love the things she says.

  5. Just getting caught up (the story of my life) on all of your beautiful posts. Lilah is too funny and I love when you share what she has to say.
    She is just precious!!

    I also noticed her hair is getting so long.... beautiful!

    Also LOVE the chair in the background... Oh I would love to have that fabric. Fabulous!

  6. She is so funny and smart!! And let's not forget, cute as can be. It's a fun age isn't it?!

    Gin =)