Saturday, April 14, 2012

the daffodils

daffodils @ rockcliffe park

You can probably tell I'm one of those people that live by routine! Every Spring I think to myself, "Ohhhh daffodils, I wonder are they flowering yet? ...I must photograph Lilah among the daffodils!" I think photographing the daffodils is one of those momentous breaking-the-camera-out-after-a-long-winter moments!

Last weekend, when we were off for Easter, we took a drive by this little patch of daffodils at Rockcliffe Park and not one of them had peeked their beautiful yellow head out yet. But today, it was a totally different story, the daffodils were all enjoying the beautiful sunshiny day, just as much as we were!

Lilah had so much fun, and watching my little photographer in motion... well, what can I say, I really enjoy seeing her enjoy photography as much as I do!

Lilah has really been enjoying flowers and understanding more about them arriving in Spring. Recently she's been drawing a lot of 'Spring Posters' - her words - and on them are daffodils, the Canada geese flying back (in the V formation!), the Easter bunny, flying kites and a bunch of other Springtime items. Last Fall, for the first time, Lilah and I planted tulips and crocus bulbs together. Well, the front of our house doesn't get a minute of sunshine all day long, so it's been slow going! Lilah pretty much measures the little green stems that have sprouted, every single day. I figure at this rate, it's going to seem like forever before they arrive!


  1. She is beautiful just like a spring daffodil!!! Love the pictures....Lilah always looks so sweet:)

  2. I can't tell you how jealous I am right now... It is snowing here. A beautiful soft spring snow... But I would rather see daffodils! The photos are beautiful.

  3. Is that a real camera she has? You should post one of her photos!

  4. I love Lilah's skirt with the rubber boots, so cute.

  5. this set is amazing! Beautiful! Georgeos! Screams spring!


    PS. you must, must, must, MUST, let me know where the skirt is from!

    Have the BEST day!

    1. Lea, the skirt is from Etsy! - Sunnybrook Farm Designs. The seller is on vacation for 2 weeks or so, but when she gets back you have to check out her shop, lots of lovelies in there and beautifully made too!

      Happy Shopping!


  6. Ah them! They are the first sign of Spring "just around the corner"...........Still laughing at Colin :)