Thursday, April 19, 2012

lilah's little garden

Do you remember in my last post, I mentioned the crocuses we planted last fall? And I was 'scoffing' about how long it would probably take them to grow? Well, with the beautiful weather we've enjoyed this week, they have indeed sprouted up very quickly.

Lilah is absolutely thrilled. Every day, the second she jumps out of the car after school, they get a little watering from the garden expert herself. Now we're awaiting the tulips grand arrival!

our little garden our little garden our little garden our little garden


  1. I love Spring... I just wish it would come a little faster here! Were getting there though... love the flowers and what a great little gardner!

  2. I am just reading your beautiful post (as usual) with ZoĆ©-Sam on my knees and she’s asking to me: Who is this girl Mommy?
    I said is : Lilah (Lee-Lah) ———— (you remember; in french)
    And she is telling to me: oh Mom but she isn’t my little sister han?

    ….. sorb…. no she isn’t….


    1. Aww... I pray it will be soon - and I know your faith is strong. It sounds like Zoe-Sam is patiently waiting for her sister. :)

      I love when it's said like 'Lee-Lah'... since we live in Ottawa, she is called that a lot!


  3. love her little garden!

    And, Miss Lilah has the bestest wardrobe! BEST! LOL!


  4. Hope your girl is not like mine..........a bit "heavy handed" with the watering can!!

  5. I love spring, we are finally getting a few nice days as well. How wonderful for her flowers to begin to sprout, it really does confirm that spring is here!

  6. Yay - crocuses! Beautiful photos!