Sunday, April 22, 2012

"some children look like their parents..."


Today, Lilah and I walked up to Starbucks for a drink.

We were sitting by the window chatting, (mostly silly stuff since she was in a rather silly mood!) when a family walked by - the Dad was carrying his little toddler. Right after they walked by, Lilah turned to me and said: "Some children look like their parents and some children were born in Canada, but not me." I didn't even have time to say anything, because she was right on to a new subject without taking a breath.

This past weekend I started reading her the book: "Kids like me in China" and she is really enjoying it. (Thanks for reminding me about that book Katherine!) I read her about three pages each day and after reading the first page regarding Ying Ying going back to visit her SWI in Hunan Province, Lilah excitedly announced "Ohhhh, Hunan! That's where Phebe's from!". Our sweet girl also prays for Phebe every night, and has recently added Phebe's birthparents to her prayer list. Tonight she even told the Lord about how much she loves Phebe and how she doesn't want another family to take her before we get to her. Melted my heart.

You wouldn't think she had a case of the sillies from the pictures I've chosen for this post, however you can check out some of her sillies here, here and here. The flickr set is here.

starbucks starbucks starbucks


  1. In some of her poses she looks so grown serious, it is like catching a glimpse into the future. Then sometimes, she is so funny, alive and giggly :0) She must always keep you on your toes.

    Off to go check out that book now.

  2. Love these photos of your beautiful Lilah, Wen

  3. Phebe is obviously not far from her mind :)

    Is that "fluffies" Lilah is drinking??

    1. Good memory Debbie! Not fluffies this time, this is a strawberries and cream frappucino... she can afford to put on some weight!!

  4. Oh how I just love Lilah. She is so emotionally intelligent and sweet:) Oh and she is BEAUTIFUL too:)

  5. Looks like a great book to have. Love the photos and her outfit. Love that this comment can come out of her mouth and that it is no big deal to her, but that she has the confidence that families can be different and that is okay!

  6. It sounds like that book really spurred some great conversation, important conversation. Love the pictures...gorgeous!

  7. Oh there are the Lilah brows, I love that she still does them! I need to get that book for Kerry...thanks for that. And Ying Ying was what Kerry was called in China! Funny how they will say or aske something so "big" and before you can even process and come up with an good response they've moved on. Lilah is so smart and seems to have such a sweet heart.

    Gin =)

  8. She's a deep thinker, isn't she? As parents, we know what a profound observation this is but it's interesting that kids seem to notice this stuff, mention it and then move on. For such a deep topic, I appreciate how lightly kids make note of it.