Friday, August 10, 2012

what's on the menu today?


The specials on the menu today, include: "sop, tea and kake" ...I adore her spelling!
(by the way, that's - soup, tea and cake!)

waitress waitress

“What do you want to eat Mama? Remember, I’m not a real restaurant maker.”

waitress waitress

me: "Thanks for the delicious tea and cake, how much do I owe you?"
lilah: “No, it’s on sale today – you came the right day!”


  1. Too cute... and what a deal. I need to find a restaurant like that!

  2. least Lilah knows how to spell tea, you know how us Irish love a cuppa!!!

  3. Well...what do you know...I happen to love sop, tea and kake!!! And a steal to boot!! That Lilah has some real promise as a real restuarant maker!!!

  4. I love that Lilah knows how to spell tea. It must be hard not to just smile all day long around that girl of yours!

    Gin =)

    PS I've been meaning to ask if she got a trim recently, her ponies are looking shorter.

    1. Yes, she got a trim Gin! :)
      She has been in a swimming camp this past month and taking a little off has helped.

  5. Ha ha! This is so sweet. I love her adorable spelling too. Funny how she got "tea" perfect!!

  6. Adorable...she and Kate would have such fun together because this is exactly the stuff Kate does all day...AND we have that skirt too so they could match:)