Friday, August 24, 2012

a busy week

Well, it's been THAT kind of week! Lilah finished up camp today and I'm basically finished up work now... Yippeeeeee!

I had two sleepless nights last weekend - everything I had to do, buy and pack were running through my head like a pack of wild horses and I was feeling a little bit anxious! So I made out a few lists and I felt much better about everything.

The 'feeling better' part is mostly because I'm being proactive about the lists I wrote and have taken on a job every evening, to accomplish! Although, it seems as I strike things off, I'm adding new things onto the list! It's now down to a week and a half before we leave for China... YIKES! I'm beyond excited and a little nervous all at once! But I do like to be organized, I mean REALLY organized and I know I will have plenty of last minute things to do to keep me on my toes over the next while.

Next week I have a bit more to do, but I'm going to try and keep a good bit of my week open to just relaxing and enjoying my last week with my beautiful big girl, Lilah Grace. She is doing amazing - she just finished up her last week of camp and my oh my, she is in need of a week of rest and relaxation! She is worn out. Every night, by 7pm, she can hardly get to bed quick enough. I'm so glad I'm able to spend this coming week with her, just her and I, before our sweet Phebe joins our family. Speaking of our sweet new girly, we got new pictures of her 2 weeks ago and I can't stop looking at her.

picking "flowers"! picking "flowers"! picking "flowers"! picking "flowers"!


  1. Lilah looks so grown up in these pictures.
    Jill, I think you are travelling with a friend of ours. She leaves next week as well and is with CB too.
    Best wishes on your travels to Phebe!

  2. Oh Jill!

    I know exactly how you feeling with your head spinning like crazy these final days before travel. I will be praying that you make progress on your lists and enjoy these last few days with Lilah. It's a juggling act, for sure.

    And Lilah is absolutely adorable in this series. She's so expressive!

  3. i hope you enjoy your week with Lilah.

    wow, can not believe that you are so close to traveling to China for your sweet Phoebe!!! woo-hoo

    (love Lilah's new glasses, Shea just began wearing glasses a few weeks ago.)

  4. i'm totally a list-lover too. hope you have a fabulous week with your lovely lilah, and then ... !!!!!!!!

  5. Hang in their. You are almost there. Enjoy your week with your girl. Exciting times. I will keep you close in thought and prayer.


  6. I was the same way with sleep right before I left... I just couldn't! A week and a half! I can hardly wait to see Phebe in your arms!!!

    Lilah looks very grown up in these photos and the outfit is beautiful.

  7. Love these photos of Miss Lilah... beautiful!!!

    I am so excited for you guys and CAN'T WAIT to follow your journey!!!!! You will get it all done and if you don't you will still go to China. :-)

  8. Oh boy, do I ever remember this time in our lives. I barely slept the week before we travelled! It's just too overwhelming and exciting but you will get it done and before you know it, you will be boarding that plane! I am so, so excited for you guys. Enjoy your week with your big girl.

    Gin =)