Wednesday, August 29, 2012

love my girl and her little speaks!

"Phebe and I are going to be twins, well, we’ll have different faces, but the same skin. Just like you and Baba, you guys have different faces but the same skin!”

"When is Phebe coming home again?"

"I would really like to go to outer space, would you? Aiden told me she went there… you have to pay a LOT of money!" (Aiden is her school friend)

"Panties give your bum privacy!"

lilah: "Have you ever been in an invisible house before?"
me: "No. Do you know what invisible means?"
lilah: "Invisible means people think nothing is there, but everything is there, you just can’t see it."

"I will teach Phebe some things… not everything! Because only God knows everything!"

"Will the Lord Jesus' hands be all healed in heaven?"

After I told her a story about when I was a child like her, she asked: "Was that in the olden days?"

"I'm the superhero for Canada and China too, because I was born there. Oh yes, and Ireland.

blooming blooming


  1. What a doll! She will be a fantastic big sister. Love the super hero shots as well. Happy Wednesday!

  2. panties give your bum privacy = best line ever!! what a fun and smart kiddo :D

  3. I love it! Looking forward to when they get to be "twins" together!

  4. Those glasses are so adorable!!!

  5. Sounds like someone is getting excited to go get her little sister! These two girls are going to keep you laughing!

  6. Your girl, and her "speaks" make me smile big! Aren't chatter-box girls the best?!

    Gin =)

  7. Seriously, she is just the funniest kid! Love that one about panties!! Hee hee.