Monday, August 27, 2012

my sweet supergirl!


I bought Lilah this superhero cape several month ago and she simply loves to dress like a superhero. I had also bought her the 'supergirl' t-shirt she's wearing in this photo last winter in a size 5T, which was far too big for her at the time, she generally wears t-shirts about a year behind her size, because she has such narrow shoulders and to be honest, I like her t-shirts to be more fitted. Old Navy t-shirts are my favourite because the fit is nice and slim. Anyway, she finally tried on this t-shirt and it fits pretty well. Anyway, being a superhero is definitely her theme at the moment, although she reminds us that she only wants to be a superhero when she's a little girl, but she wants to be a doctor when she's older! She has it all figured out and I am slightly relieved that she doesn't think being a superhero is an occupation! Ha! Oh yes, and she's also been telling us lately, that if we get into any trouble in China, she is going to be the superhero and help us out! Phew! Good thing we have our supergirl around!

I feel very safe with her around! Especially today, walking through the shopping mall in this ensemble. She got a few nods of approval!

I had to laugh too, it's our first day together, me not working and her not in camp... Lilah stopped at one stage and said to me: "Mama, I know exactly how you feel. Happy to be home with me!" I couldn't have said it any better myself! So true.

In just 2 short weeks, Lilah will finally become a big sister, she is very excited! And in 8 days we'll be flying to China, so yes, I'm going to need all the superhero help I can get, because I'm still buying, packing, organizing...!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is too cute, Jill!
    LOVE all the sweet (and smart!) things she says, too :)
    And 8 days? 8 DAYS!?!? Wahoooo!!! Can't wait to follow along!!!

  2. Love her imagination! Eight days.,,, I am so excited for you all!

  3. Your superhero is so beautiful and wise.

    And keep on packing!!! I hope you'll be blogging in China!

  4. LOVE this shot of your cute Supergirl! Can you imagine if we got both of our superheros together?! We wouldn't have to worry about a thing! You know, it's funny, after your comment on FB when I posted Kerry's superhero pic I had been thinking of making a cape for Lilah similar to hers, but it looks like she's set!

    Gin =)

  5. Happy Packing! I hope that September weather will be not too for traveling.

  6. Oh, she is so cute! She looks like she is ready to save the world!