Friday, August 31, 2012

a month-in-photos : august

Oh August, how much do we love thee!

Lilah certainly lived August to the fullest: swimming camps, splash pads, snorkelling. Our girly was all about the water and keeping cool this past month, and who can blame her after all that heat. Although we did get a little rain, which was nice, for a change. Between all that water play our little girly was either, waitressing, reading books or being her favourite thing to be, right now - a superhero! She is most definitely my supergirl!

In just five short days we'll be heading to China and Lilah's life, as she knows it, is about to change in a big way. She has a new challenge ahead of her, a baby sister, who is about to turn 2 years old. I am praying hard for Lilah, I know there will be bumps in the road, nobody ever said life would be perfect, however, I do believe that situations like this help us grow and shape us into better people. And I believe that Lilah is going to appreciate this sister of hers so much. It's such an exciting chapter of our lives and we are more than ready to embrace it.

And so, I leave you with our August memories. And look forward to making new memories, as a family of four!


  1. 5 days!!! Your Supergirl is going to make a fantastic big sister. I always love your monthly collages.

    Gin =)

  2. I am hope for a smooth transition for all four of you.

    Miss Lilah looks healthy, happy and full of summer in all of her August shots!


  3. I think you said it all perfectly! It will be a huge change and there will be bumps in the road, but it is all worth it. I found it took some time for my girls to really get to know each other and get comfortable with each other and start acting like sisters, not just friends... but now they do and it is so awesome to watch them in their relationship!

  4. Oh Jill, all the very best to you, Colin & Lilah. Safe travels and I will look forward to "meeting" the new addition!

  5. Beautiful August images, Jill.

    I'll be praying for a smooth transition for you all. Yes, there may be some challenges but have faith that God will see you and your family through. I remember how nervous I was as we prepared to adopt Ren, wondering if we were making the right decision to add to our family when we were already very happy. But I followed that yearning in my heart and we adopted our sweet boy. There were times where I thought the fighting between Ren and Claire would never stop (!!) but now they are the best of friends and I am so happy they have each other (and that we have them both). You will love the growth you see in Lilah as she learns to be a big sis in day-to-day life. And Phebe ... oh my, she doesn't know the love that is about to embrace her! Best wishes to you all.