Wednesday, August 8, 2012

wakefield, quebec

wakefield, covered bridge

Monday past was a Civic Holiday around these parts... so we took a little drive up to one of our favourite little villages, just outside the city, called Wakefield.

Wakefield is about a 20 minute drive from downtown Ottawa and it's a little piece of heaven on earth - one of our favourite little retreats for the day or evening. The village has some of the most delicious everything-is-homemade restaurants and a bakery that smells drool-icious, so much so that you basically want one (or more!) of everything, to try.

The village is also situated around a beautiful lake which has a (walking only) covered bridge, which I love. The original bridge was burnt down and a new one was built in 1997, so it isn't too old.

On Monday, with the gorgeous weather and hot temperatures, there were lots of people swimming in the lake and many fearless teenagers (and older!) jumping off the covered bridge into the water. That high octane stuff is definitely not for me, I was nervous just watching them do crazy stuff like that! Lilah really enjoyed puttering around the edge of the water, collecting rocks, spying on the fish and chattering away to herself. I didn't think about the water, so Ihadn't even thought of bringing her a bucket or a net or even her bathing suit... but she didn't seem to mind!

It most definitely was a lovely relaxing day... we topped our evening off in Kaffé 1870, where we enjoyed the most delicious Thai food. Again, everything cooked from scratch, sauces included. It was amazing. In fact, my tastebuds are watering at the thought of it again.


  1. Oh this place sound divine! You captured it so beautifully, Jill. The bridge, the lake...just perfect.

    You know I'm now itching to find a gorgeous location so I can stop down on my lens for the same beautifully controlled flare. I love that shot! Seriously. So dreamy.

  2. Oh the gorgeousness...and your take on it all...genius. Darling, inspiring, sigh inducing and smile always. My favorite is the one of Lilah standing on the middle two planks taken from down awesome.

    Glad you had a great day...dinner DOES sound yummy!!

  3. I haven't heard of Wakefield. It looks lovely! Glad you had such a great day!


  4. Just stunning, Jill! LOVE this series... all of 'em are fabulous!!!

  5. These are fabulous! I was getting ready to ask people for their blogs, it will be fun to follow all of you when Lisa's class is over.

  6. Looks like a beautiful area. I love covered bridges!

    And now you have me craving some Thai food...

  7. What a neat looking place! That covered bridge is fantastic. Great photos, Jill, as always =)

  8. Gorgeous!! I love each and every shot, but especially that one of the bridge with the sun flare. So very beautiful!