Saturday, August 18, 2012

swimming camp

splash pad

Lilah has been in a swimming camp for three weeks now and she is getting time to enjoy the pool twice every day. You can just imagine how exhausted she is by Friday! One of the pool times each day is for fun and one is for private swimming lessons, where she has a personal coach in the pool with her, teaching her how to swim. She just finished her second week of lessons and she is now swimming one whole metre with her head underwater and her eyes open, sans goggles. And when I say swimming, I mean alone, arms flying and legs kicking, with no floatation devices! I am so proud of her and I can tell she is mighty proud of herself too. Even more so after I told her that I couldn't even swim until I was much older, I think I was 9 or 10 when I learned to swim. And I STILL can't open my eyes underwater without goggles - that really made her grin!

It's most definitely been a very exciting summer for Lilah and I know she has enjoyed every single minute of it all... making wonderful new friends and basically having the time of her life at the different camps. I ask her every day when I pick her up about how her swimming lesson went, what she did and if she enjoyed it... Yesterday she told me: "Mama! I enjoyed EVERYTHING in this camp!" I just love her attitude towards life! I've been so blessed too, because this swimming camp she's spent 4 weeks at this summer, the pools are outdoors which has been amazing with the hot weather we've been enjoying... AND the centre is basically at the bottom of the hill from where I work, yep, 10 steps down the hill and I am already there! I drop her off and pick her up, I can even go say 'hi' during my lunch break, which I may or may not have done, okay, of course I did!! But I tried my hardest not to be a helicopter Mom! This camp really couldn't have worked out any better.

I think the water has given her another growth spurt too, she has grown an inch in just over two months, I only know that because I had previously measured her on her birthday, May 29th! She is now 43" tall.

She has one more week of swimming camp and lessons and that's it for camps this summer. I will be finished work too - for another three years - which I am overjoyed about! I loved my job, back before I became a Mama... but my priorites have shifted since then, if you know what I mean! I know I will be busy with my girls and I'm so very excited about the idea of having two girls to run after - I can't wait to enjoy every moment with them.

splash pad splash pad splash pad splash pad splash pad splash pad splash pad splash pad splash pad splash pad

I took these photos this past Wednesday.
We went to the splash pad at the end of our street, after I picked her up from swimming camp.

[ the flickr set is here ]


  1. oh jill, as september creeps closer and closer, i get more excited for your family!!

  2. I always think that as Canadians we are so blessed to get one year off work when we have a new child and you even get three! You are very blessed, even if you do work for @#^#&@!

    Lilah looks like quite the little water bug, she and Zoe would have a blast together!

  3. Oh my, the time has come already to say goodbye to work! I still remember my last days at work (eons ago!!) before adopting Claire and the excitement I felt for the upcoming chapter of my life. To think your next chapter is just around the corner!

    I'm thrilled to hear you have another nice extended leave. Phebe will benefit so greatly from having you full-time that long, just as Lilah clearly did. What joy!

  4. Oh, I just love these. Lilah is so stinkin' precious in the water. How great that she truly enjoyed her swim camps. She is such a bathing beauty.

    And yes...I can't wait to see you chasing two beautiful girls around. Can't wait!

  5. Just catching up on all of your wonderful posts.... I love stopping by to see what you guys are up to.... love seeing the photos of precious Lilah and all the neat things you guys do. Great photography as always!!!!

  6. Miss L does look like she has grown. I love her swim suit! Learning to be confident in the water gives you such confidence.

    Thank you, for sharing these adorable pictures!


    PS. I need a fall shopping post! ! ! ! ! !