Friday, December 2, 2011

the nutcracker ballet

One of our yearly Christmas traditions is to see The Nutcracker. This year it was put on by the Pennsylvania Ballet at the National Arts Center. I'm not a biased Canadian, but I definitely have to say that the Alberta Ballet put on a much nicer show last year! The props and costumes weren't nearly as regal and fancy this year... but that's just my two cents!

It was still amazing and the ballet dancing was second to none. I very much love this tradition.

My fancy little ballerina, Lilah Grace, loved twirling around in the beautiful dress that Nono bought (her) many moons ago. In fact, I'm pretty sure Nono bought this dress even before Lilah was born. She picked it up in a Sale! To be honest, Nono always used that reasoning/excuse - "I picked it up in a Sale" - when she was awaiting her grandchild!


  1. My mother is exactly the same! In fact, with the UK's economy being what it is, I think a lot of people these days are very careful with their hard earned cash....I think we coule learn a thing or two from our parents generation:-0Love the NUTCRACKER, so Christmassy! Dx

  2. So sorry this year's was not as good. I am originally from Pennsylvania so I feel like I ought ti apologize. Love Lilah's dress. Kate and I also went to see the Nutcracker last week and the Houston Ballet did an amazing job.

  3. Very pretty Lilah!

    Of course the Alberta Ballet does a better job… we still need to go and see it, it has been years.