Tuesday, December 13, 2011

where's wally? (...aka, the elf...)

I don't know what made her decide on the name "Wally"... but literally, within a second of me reading the page (in the 'elf on the shelf' book) that said, we needed to name him, she blurted out... "WALLY!"

Oh the exitement and fun of finding where he is and what he's up to every morning, it's almost too much for our little 4 year old! To be honest, her excitement for Christmas, Ireland, chocolate, presents and all the other festivites that are going on right now is just crazy over-the-top! In fact, she can hardly stand on her two feet for any length of time! She's either hoping or jumping or giggling or singing or chattering nineteen to the dozen! Oh 4, what a wonderful age!

Anyway, she has been getting a good laugh out of Wally and his crazy antics! Her best line was when she saw Wally dancing with Barbie, she exclaimed "OH! They must be getting married!" Heh! I can't wait to see her face in the morning when she finds him in a bit of a predicament on the toilet while having a pee, along with helping himself to copious amounts of toilet roll. Oh yes, and I put some blue food colouring into the toilet water too! Heh! Okay okay, I admit, I'm having as much fun as she is!


  1. That is SO precious!! Looks like Wally is having a blast!! We have an elf, but I think he's going to wait to make his appearance next year. I think P is still a smidge too young to "get it." But, I'm SUPER excited about him coming to visit already!! Isn't being a Mommy SO much fun?!!
    xoxo Brooke

  2. You are having way too much fun with that poor Elf, hee hee. Lilah cracks me up..wonder where she came up with the name Wally? Is he making the trip with you?

    Gin =)

  3. I love the elf on the toilet… made me laugh! I may have to invest in this next year!

  4. Jill, what a giggle!!! I need to get one for next year....I have a full 12 months to track our very own "Wally" down!

  5. Ps A "knees-up" is just another word for "dancing"!

  6. We're just moving the elf around to different locations this year, but I am keeping a list of various antics he can get into next year, thanks for all the ideas!