Monday, December 12, 2011

forever lilah day

Three years ago today, in Guangzhou - China, a beautiful little 18 month old girl walked into our lives... And every single day since, we've thanked the Lord for blessing us with this incredible girl.

This evening we went out for Thai food with the couple we travelled to China with and their beautiful girl Amelia. We have a super bond with this wonderful family and we look forward to our yearly tradition of going out together on the day we became forever families. (Unfortunately we missed this tradition last year because we were in Ireland)

Today we told our Lilah girl all about the day we met her, the day we became a family. Her favourite part of the story was when Baba told her how she'd burped and spit up on him! Heh! At bedtime I read her the story book, "I Wished for You" - it is a fabulous book. In fact, if you're looking for an excellent adoption story, this is the one to buy. Afterwards, when she said her prayers, she turned the story around to fit herself and said "I wished for a family, thank you God for sending me Mama & Baba." Of course I choked up, I am choking up again just typing this.

We've been so incredibly blessed. Lilah, you've filled our hearts to overflowing.

3 year anniversary: forever lilah day

[ the flickr set is here ]


Amelia's Mom took some pictures with her phone at the Thai restaurant!
Look at the mess of those beautiful faces!

Lilah & Amelia - 3 year 'forever family' anniversary (these messy faces are at the Thai restaurant!)


  1. What a precious day this is! That book sounds amazing and very touching what Lilah said(sniff, sniff). Thank you for posting!
    S&M xo

  2. That makes my throat hurt now too! Children are such a blessing...

  3. Made me choke up, too. Yes, you are so blessed, and so is she. Happy Anniversary! You three are soooo meant to be a family. (hugs)

    Gin =)

  4. Beautiful post - Happy Anniversary, Wen

  5. Oh my Jill this post is incredible. I am so glad I came across you blog. It has been well over a year and I am so glad I did. You are a lovely, lovely, lady and friend.


  6. Happy forever family day! Oh how she has changed and grown… you are raising her well and are great parents… it shows in all she says and does.

  7. Happy Forever Lilah day! Omigosh, she has such a beautiful heart, doesn't she? I've never met her but it is just so obvious in everything she says.

    So happy for you all!


  8. Happy Lilah day. You have a wonderful family Jill!

  9. What a perfect picture! Happy Family Day!! Couldn't help but notice Lilah was wearing red boots the day you met her :) she's had style all along!!