Tuesday, November 29, 2011

four and a half

four... and a half!

Happy HALF birthday to our sweet little Lilah Grace!

Four and a half is a wonderful age! It's a great age for talk talk talking! We can hardly get a word in edgeways around the house and when she isn't talking to us, I know well the teachers and school friends are getting their ears talked off! And then there's always the chattering away to herself while she's playing around the house. I truly enjoy the chatter - it's one of my favourite things about our girl.

When she isn't chattering, she writing writing writing! Making little books - homemade stories of which she is the author and illustrator! I love when she gets on the chair she designated as the "share chair" and reads us her stories. This is being nurtured by her teacher and I adore it. Have I mentioned her teacher is wonderful?

The other thing she loves to do now is play games. This girl is ALL about the RULES!! She has a stack of games now and we basically play one after supper every evening. She got a new one for her half birthday today, called 'Take the Cake" - I picked it up in Chapters/Indigo and it's a lot of fun!

Our girl has always had such a genuine loving heart and being four and a half in no exception. Here's a little snippet of how she is at four and a half:

: If there's anything she has or is wearing and we tell her we really like it, she'll say: "When I'm a teenager I'm going to buy you one of those!"

: When she asks me for something, like on Monday when we were out driving she asked me of she could have a drink when she got home, and I said of course you can have a drink. She replied: "You're SO kind to me Mama!"

: She still tells me that I'm the best Mama at cooking supper in the whole wide world!

: She prays for all her school friends at night now. And one day she said to me: "I love you so much Mama. And I love God too."

I love her so very much too.


  1. Happy 4 1/2 sweet Lilah!! Isn't the "chatterbox" stage fun. Jill?! I think our girls would really get along...they seem to have quite a bit in common.

    Gin =)

  2. Happy 4 1/2 to Miss Lilah!!!!!

  3. Happy 4 1/2 to Lilah! It is a great age... they are so honest and sincere in everything they say at this age!

  4. Jill, just thought I would share Graeme's comment as he looked at your blog:

    "This is basically photojournalism. That wee girl is going to have the best photos of her childhood when she grows up."

    I countered that a lot of moms take a lot of photos of their kids and he replied...

    "I don't care what you say, they can't be as good as this. This blog is ridiculously good. Of course, she is Northern Irish grammar school educated."

    It all comes back to Northern Ireland!!