Friday, November 11, 2011

lest we forget

To live in safety, a price has been paid.
To live eternally, a price has been paid.
Thank you.

11.11.11 11.11.11 11.11.11

[ more pictures here ]


  1. I always look forward to your Rememberance Day Photos.

    I will not forget what those men and woman have done (and are doing) for us and our country.

  2. Evening Lilah's Mom,

    Over the years, I have frequently written to you, however this time I need your help.

    My grandbabies are coming this week from Montreal, one of whom is a baby girl from China, and I want to take them to the place where you fed the chickidees. Was it Mer Blue or one of the Trails in the west end of Ottawa.

    Please and thankyou.

    Grammy Carol

  3. Hi Grammy Carol!

    I wish I has your email to make sure you get this reply!

    You are right, it's in the west end...on Moody Drive. I am not 100%sure, but I think we went to Lime Kiln Trail. It was actually the second one on the right you're heading south after Bells Corners. My friend also mentioned Stoney Swamp Creek - it sounds like there are a few 'friendly bird trails' in that area.

    In fact, while I was typing this message, I just googled 'Lime Kiln Trail' and found that Danigirl, who is another Ottawa Mom and a fabulous writer, blogged about it here...

    Also, when you are going, be sure to bring along the black sunflower seeds that you can buy at the local Bulk Barn (in the bird seed section). The chickadees LOVE the black seeds!

    Be patient! And have fun with your daughter and grandchildren!


  4. Yay! Thank you so much.

    In anticipation, I will do a test drive today, since it is so nice, with a stop off at Ritchie's Feed and Seed.

    Lilah is such a beautiful child and I so love her pre-logical child observations of life (takes me back to when my girls were little and I was a psych student at Carleton). A favorite was Lilah's thanking the Lord for bigbox stores such as HomeDepot, a couple of years ago.

    I shall check Danigirl's thoughts, today!

    Stay well. And please, continue your out-loud musings.

    Grammy Carol in west-end Ottawa

  5. Hi there,

    I also take Nolan to the Jack Pine Trail on Moodie Road (it's closer to Fallowfield).

    As Jill said, make sure you bring sunflower seeds - these birds are picky eaters :) I had them discard the other seeds out of my hands so they would only get the sunflower seeds! When all I had left were the other seeds, they wouldn't come. I now only bring sunflower seeds.

  6. You always do an awesome tribute for Remembernace Day!