Sunday, November 6, 2011

lilahisms galore!

little miss studious

Baba was feeling sick one day and asked who would look after him, Lilah's response was: "Well, I think you're big enough!"

I was trying to squeeze Lilah's foot into her ice skate one day, which requires some extra muscle! While I was huffing and puffing, I felt Lilah patting my head as she said to me: "It's okay Mama, just try your best."

Wearing her pretend glasses and pretending to read a book one day, she looked up and said to me, very matter of factly: "I only need to wear these glasses when I'm reading!" (see picture above)

I had the flu for a few days, my sweet girl would squeeze into bed beside me, rub my arm and say: "I wish I could take it away, Mama. I wish I could make you feel better."

While playing nurse and sticking the thermometer in my mouth one day (she has a real one), it beeped, she took it out, looked at the screen and said: "Oh! It says, dear Jill, feel well soon!"

I was planning on joining Lilah's class as a volunteer one day and happened to be explaining to Lilah (maybe for the second or third time!) that I'd see her later and to tell her teacher that I'd be joining them. In an exasperated voice she said: "Okay! Okay! You don't need to yak on and on about it!"

In Lilah's class there is a little girl named Ila. I overheard her one day saying this: "ila lilah ila lilah ila lilah - they sound the same, but they're not identical!"

Baba is always teasing Lilah that she's his girl and kisses her and then loudly whispers, "Don't tell Mama!" Her reponse to him is usually: "No Baba! I'm not sucking 'round you!"

When I asked if I could help her with her zip one day, her response was: "No thanks. I'm the zipper expert!"


  1. Lilah is such a funny girl...she must keep you laughing with all her thoughts and the things that come out of her little mouth...ha ha so cute!

  2. LOVE those and the way she speaks and the way you capture it and all your amazing gorgeous photos!!!!!

  3. she is too funny! I love the "yak" word!

    so sorry to hear you had the flu. Hope you are feeling better.


  4. Lilah shows such compassion in her amusing comments. She sounds quite mature in her thinking.

    The photo is precious.

  5. She's a funny one and reminds me of my Will!! Love her in the glasses.

  6. I have always loved hearing all of the things Lilah says. And I'm glad you always share them with us. She's so bright and verbal, not to mention funny and sweet.

    Gin =)

  7. I love her Lilahisms and that you share them with us!!!!
    It always puts a smile on my face!

  8. Forgot to say that I love that photo of Lilah reading!

  9. One minute she's two and the next, she's a teenager! I'm glad you have such a precious girl to take care of you! (& make you laugh!)