Monday, November 7, 2011

feeding the chickadees

feeding the birds

I've been meaning to do this for years now! Today was 17°C, so it wasn't even a question that we had to get out and about!

After I picked up Lilah from school, we headed to one of the forested trails here in Ottawa and brought along some birdseed to feed the chickadees. I'd been told by a co-worker, many moons ago, that there are certain trails in the city that they will come and sit on your hand while you feed them. What an experience! I've never seen anything like it before, being so close to nature is incredible!

It took a little bit of patience for them to come, but it totally paid off. And Lilah has more patience than anyone else I know, seriously. I think there were about 16 of these little chickadees by the end count, jumping on and off her hand. And she absolutely loved it. I kept refilling her hand with seed and she kept on feeding. I loved how she started singing to them too - such a sweet funny girl.

When I told her what a great job she'd done feeding the little chickadees, she said "I know Mama. It's because I'm a grown up girl now!" Another funny thing she said; when I was explaining something about the trees being bare in winter and that they have no leaves. She nodded her head, turned to me and said "You could just say zero leaves!"

Another thing I should point out, is Lilah's hairband. It seems to be the new trendy thing nowadays. When I bought her the first one, she excitedly exclaimed "OHHHHHH!! Maisie has one like this, I want to wear mine like her!" Now she won't take it off, and yes, she wears it just like Maisie! She is too cool for school! (Oh, and Maisie is a special friend in her kindergarten class.)


  1. Wow - these are so gorgeous and amazing! Love the colors, bokeh, and your models. These would be great enlarged as canvases! Blessings, Wen

  2. What a fun time! I love all your photos and I totally agree with Wen! Print them!

    I need to find some birds to feed . . .

    xo ellie

  3. I can't even describe how amazing that is!!! Lilah must have loved it. Gorgeous!

  4. These photos are fantastic!! I almost gasped when I saw the first photo. Your little bird charmer looks as pleased as can be. I can't believe they eat right from your hand!

    Gin =)

  5. Wow--I'm amazed that the birds are so friendly.

  6. she's such a precious little girl =)

  7. THAT is SO COOL!! Khloe is standing next to me and was completely memorized by these photos! LOVE it! We have chickadees here, too... but never thought for a second we could feed them from our hands. These are PRICELESS! Seriously, these (along with your last photos of your little fashionista!) should be in a magazine!


  8. Oh I just LOVE this post so much! Chickadees are my favorite.... Lilah looks so incredibly sweet holding that little Chickadee and your photography is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  9. they are so cute those little chickadees!


  10. I so adore these photos (: They are all lovely! Just showed them to papie and he liked them too. Nono & Papie xxxx

  11. UNbelievable!! That is amazing - what an experience for little Lilah!!

    And I LOVE the trendy headband :) too cute!

  12. What incredible photos you got!!!! I LOVE the lil chickadees eating out of her hand. But my fave is the one of Lilah with both hands out waiting. She looks so cute and sassy!!!

  13. Congratulations on being close to your dossier being done!!! Such a major accomplishment!!!! I can't wait to see who God has chosen for you!!!

    I love these pictures. What a fun afternoon!!!!!
    You live in such a gorgeous area!


  14. Beautiful post....and congrats to you guys....Wow. what huge news!!


  15. So beautiful! This sounds like an absolutely amazing experience for young and old. I'd love to do this with my kids!