Sunday, May 29, 2011

our beautiful four year old...

the birthday girl is 4!

Our baby girl turned four today - Happy Birthday Lilah Grace!
On the way to bed this evening she asked me: "Will I still be 4 tomorrow?"

We love our Lilah girl dearly, with all our hearts. Each night her Baba and I lay in bed and just wonder and amaze over her, talking and laughing over the little things she's said and done. Every evening we always come back to the fact that she's such a sweet girl and how blessed we are. I simply can't find the words that express just how blessed we are to have this opportunity to raise her as our daughter. Parenting is such an incredible experience, watching our girl grow and learn and enjoy life...

We adore you Lilah Grace. You might think we're the ones doing all the teaching and showing you what life is all about. But quite honestly, it's the opposite way around. You've taught us so much over the last two and a half years. You have a shining personality, a heart full of gratitude and you're always so tender, compassionate and loving. You've taught us about love, the love that a parent has for their child, it's such a strong, deep, selfless, unconditional love - we'd do absolutely anything for you.

The day before your birthday your Baba and I talked about your birth parents and how they might be feeling on the day you were born. Were they thinking about you? Were they wondering if you were cared for? Did they take note of the day and date you were born? Or was it too much for their hearts to bear? We have no answers to these questions. We know nothing of the circumstances that led them to the point of leaving you in a special place where someone would find you. But there's one thing we do know, we know you were loved, truly loved. And now we get to have a part in that same wonderful love for you.

I found this quote today and something about it made me think of your birth parents... “Just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they got.” ~Anonoymous

We love you baby girl. I know you're four and you're not a baby, but you'll always and forever be our baby girl, because that's what you tell us, all the time. And we couldn't be happier.


  1. Happy Birthday to Lilah! Great family pics!

  2. Happy Birthday Lilah!

    The quote is perfect.

  3. What beautiful words, Jill. They show how much you adore your daughter! Who by the way is gorgeous with those curls..........DX

  4. Happy Birthday Lilah Grace, you get more and more beautiful every day!

    I have that quote too and often refer back to it, I find it quite helpful navigating through life's relationships...

  5. What a beautiful quote and post!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!


  6. Happy fourth birthday to Lilah. I love that quote. Beautiful pictures too!

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful Lilah! Sorry this is late but we've been out of town. What a beautiful post. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday.

    Gin =)

  8. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lilah Grace....Wow 4 already. It looks like you had a wonderful day with your Mama and Baba. Enjoy a year full of wonderful memories sweetie:)


  9. Happy birthday little princess!
    What a beautiful family you are!!

  10. A very happy belated birthday to your Lilah-girl! Her celebration looks just perfect in every way!