Friday, May 13, 2011

biking to the tulips

We bought Lilah a new bike on Monday past, for her birthday, which isn't for another 3 weeks.

She biked around and around the store on it and was so pleased with herself, that I had to buy it there and then. To be honest, I felt kinda bad putting it in the basement for three weeks - until her actual birthday. So what did I do? What any other parent in my position would do. I let her have it early.

The weather has been simply glorious all week, so yesterday we set out and she rode her fabulous 'big girl bike' the 4kms round trip from home to the Tulip Festival and back. And was she ever pleased with herself - I'm telling you, she would have rode it there and back again, given the chance.

It was me that needed the nap when we got home!


  1. That is a the cutest bike and helmet.... she looks like such a big girl riding along.....
    Love it!

  2. What an adorable biker! That's a long distance for a little sweetie. The pics are precious:)

  3. Anonymous14 May, 2011

    She does look very proud..and very cute..on her new bike. I sooo would have caved in and given it to her early, too.

    Gin =)

  4. Did you have to run to keep up with her, Jill??!! She looks like she can make that bike go fast!

  5. What a sweet bike... and I see there is even a basket to hold Piggy! She looks like she has no problem with the pedals either. Love the tulips!

  6. 4K?? Yikes that is a long long way for those {adorable} little legs! She did awesome and looked super good doing it!

    Way to go Lilah - and I cannot believe she will be 4 soon!

    xo ellie
    ps Piggy seemed to enjoy the ride too :)