Wednesday, May 4, 2011

she's a funny one!

the daffodils

"Baba, you should wear some perfume, because it's perfect for your wrist!"

"I'm starving for the restaurant! Are you a wee bit starving too?"

"No Mama, I'm not cold... in fact!"

After listening to me complain about the rain: "But Mama, the rain needs to come. To make the flowers and leaves grow."

While shopping: "Oh look! That manikin has the same dress as me!"

After explaining that Baba would be home late for supper: "Is he gonna be home late because he's a busy boy?"

Me: "Lilah, will you do me a wee job and run upstairs and get your jammies for the wash"
Lilah: "Oh, sure problem. Is there anything else you'd like me to do for you?"

Me: "Lilah, if you want to play outside, you have to stay on the porch."
Lilah: "Why Mama?"
Me: "Because I don't want any bad people try and take you away."
Lilah (with the most serious face I've ever seen): "Oh. Same as Jesus?"
*She'd been learning the Easter story around that time.

Me: Lilah, I hope you're not going to fall asleep!
Lilah: Why?
Me: Because Baba's coming home and we need to make supper.
Lilah: Mama! Are YOU serious?!!

Lilah: "Mama, can I wear my shorts and short sleeve t-shirt when the weather is sunny?"
Me: "Sure you can, but the weather hasn't been nice to wear them."
Lilah: "Okay. But I wasn't talking about the weather today. I was talking about the summertime."


  1. Reading these made me smile.
    I can just picture your joy, listening to her speaks and studying her facial expression ... precious, priceless!

  2. Are you absolutely sure she was not born in Ireland....she sure has the gift of the gab!

  3. how much more cute and funny can she be?! I think she sounds like a little Irish girl. I love it.


  4. Such a smart, funny girl...and super cute, too, of course. I can just picture her expressions as she's saying these things. She must keep you smiling all day long!

    Gin =)

  5. Those are too, too cute!! Love this age!

  6. I love hearing what Lilah says! These posts are a favourite of mine :)

  7. I love her knowing that it was bad people that came and took Jesus away! How cute is she?

    And my kids ALWAYS think when I ask them to do something - even if it's FOR them - that they are doing it FOR ME!