Saturday, May 28, 2011

more cake and presents!

We celebrated Lilah's birthday (as a family) today.

We went out for a delicious breakfast together, came home and she tore into all the cards and presents! She was thrilled, absolutely thrilled with all her presents. I am always in awe with everyone's generosity to Lilah, she is blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends in her life.

Afterwards we took her to her most favourite place in the world - the swimming pool. She and I go swimming every Wednesday, so she was eager to show her Baba the new tricks she'd learned!

And finally, we ended the day with cake. The exact cake she asked for: "A yellow cake with an elephant on top!" What can I say, the girl has good taste, I was very surprised it wasn't a Dora the Explorer cake though, because she talked about that for a while after her third birthday. Oh well, she's a girl, who is well known to change her mind and have us all scratching our heads! And that's one of the things we absolutely adore about her, her spontaneity. Lilah chose the (schleich) elephant at Mrs. Tiggy Winkles and the bunting on the cake was an idea that I came across on Etsy.

It was a wonderful day.


  1. I love the simplicity of that cake, and yellow cake is my favorite!

    I am really curious about that camera that she got...

    Looks like a perfect family day!

  2. Anonymous01 June, 2011

    Hi Paige,

    My Mum sent the money for a camera and I found this one in Blacks. Originally I was going to buy her a child's digital camera, but then decided that it was the same thing as her using my purse camera, which she does all the time, because I don't!! Anyway, I really liked the idea of the instant camera, at least this way she will have actual developed photos and she can see her results right away and even watch it as it develops.

    Here is a link, you can get it in black or white, Blacks didn't have any white left when I went to buy it, but I really liked the shiny (piano) black anyway...

    Hope this helps.

  3. What a fun day...........wish I had been there for a big slice of that cake and a cup of tea! Happy Birthday Lilah!! Dx

  4. I love all these photos Jill! I love love love the last one!!! and that camera is perfect for your precious little 4 year old's birthday! I'm thinking Tia might like that for her birthday (which is NOW she says. Now that Jonah's is over (yesterday lol) hers is next up.) in 43 days.

    Why can't we stop our little ones from getting bigger???

    Enjoy every minute or your little Lilah girl :)

    xo ellie

  5. She is stunningly georgeous in curls!! I'm glad she had a fun birthday. What a great cake, and that camera is perfect for her!

    Gin =)

  6. Anonymous06 June, 2011

    Did you make these b-day cakes for Lilah? They are just adorable and so professional looking.

    Lilah is looking so beautiful with her long hair. I wish I had it in me to let Lily's hair grow!

    Mary Karen (don't know why I can't sign in as adn Lily Makes Three anymore!)

  7. Happy belated birthday sweet lil Lilah!!! You are so sweet:)