Friday, May 27, 2011

birthday celebration at playgroup

playgroup birthday celebration

I think I've mentioned on here before that both Lilah and I attend a playgroup every Friday, here in the city, called the Open Door Society. It is an amazing playgroup that's for families that are formed through adoption. We absolutely love it, it's one of those environments that is very stress free and everyone has a mutual understanding of your journey to become a family.

Lilah and I love the people that make it up. And Lilah, over the past 2 and a half years has made some wonderful wonderful friends - they are definitely among her besties, her lifelong friends. And she's not the only one, I have met many wonderful friends as well. One of the things I appreciate about this playgroup is that when Lilah and I chat about adoption at home, we're able to talk about other families (from playgroup) that are 'like ours'. It's such an excellent resource for the adoption community in many ways.

Unfortunately, with Lilah starting school this September, unless it's a 'professional development day' for the school teachers (and she has the day off), we won't be able to attend playgroup. We're really really going to miss our Friday playgroup routine.

Anyway, I guess I should get to my point here! Last year we made a cake and Lilah celebrated her birthday with her playgroup besties and this year we did exactly that, again.

I don't know if she's ever been this excited before.

My little girl turns 4 on Sunday, oh my, this growing older business gets tougher (on Mama) every year!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! I agree... they shouldn't get older so fast!

  2. Happy Birthday Lilah! You are correct, this business of getting older is very hard on the Mama's!

  3. that is one cute birthday girl and one yummy looking cake!

    I love the face on the little boy behind her. Too cute.


  4. I agree about the importance about connections with other adoptive families.

    That cake does look delicious!

  5. Oh, that cake looks yummy....did you make it yourself Jill? Had a peek at the photos of last years birthday...hasn't Lilah grown so much! Unfortunately I don't know many adoptive families....but can imagine it would be lovely to be able to share that special bond with others:-)
    Have a wonderful day with your darling little daughter....imagine 4 years old, WOW! Anyway back to get my head stuck in a book......Data Protection is so boring, then I get to dive into the Consumer Credit Act later today.....are you jealous yet?????!!! Dx

  6. Avery and Brennyn wish Lilah a very happy birthday (okay, so they haven't met Lilah, but they love looking at your pictures).
    That cake looks very tasty!

  7. Happy Birthday Lilah!!!

    Gin =)

  8. Anonymous30 May, 2011

    Happy 4th birthday Lilah, looks like youve had lots of fun, and yummy cake too lots of love, we miss you, david, sharon, amy, alyson and abigail

  9. Happy Birthday sweet Lilah, may God be with you always~ ^^

  10. Such a pretty cake and girl...looks like lot's of fun!!!