Friday, May 6, 2011

canadian tulip festival


Our annual Canadian Tulip Festival starts here in Ottawa today! It runs from May 6th - 23rd. To be quite honest, our spring is so late this year that not too many of the Tulips have actually bloomed yet. Some of the Tulips are grown pretty close by where we live, so Lilah and I took a little run down to check them out yesterday!

And after begging for many days, that happened to be wet and soggy, Lilah finally got to fly the kite that she got for Easter.

It was the perfect breezy day for smelling the tulips and kite flying!


  1. I love her dress and little mary-jane shoes. And those tulips are beautiful. She looks like she's having a great time with that kite and I like the shot of her taking some close-ups of the flowers..such a cute little photographer.

    Gin =)

  2. Magnificent! I have always wanted to come for the tulip festival. I think I need to be Dutch. They are so lucky!


  3. I agree Lea. The Dutch are so lucky with those beautiful Tulips. I highly recommend coming to Ottawa for this festival or even going to Belgium! :)


  4. Didn't the tulips bloom early last year so there were only a few left for the Tulip Festival? They are beautiful however...

  5. The tulips are beautiful! Love the red.

    And the Dora Kite is pretty sweet too!

  6. Exactly right Joyanne! They were crazy early last year. And these red ones (shown in my pictures) had no heads by the time it started. They're always the early bloomers!

  7. of my favourite flowers! They make everything look so fresh. Lilah's hair looks so long BTW, just love those piggies and her little clasp. Dx

  8. What beautiful pictures you took of both your beautiful Lilah and those them! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day:)


  9. Every year I tell myself that I would go to the tulip festival and ... I never go .... So go soon to see the tulips and meet the beautiful Lilah Grace!

    Happy Mothers Day!
    I'm crazy about your photos as always!

  10. Ahh! I had lost your blog link. So glad I found it again. Ms. Lilah G is getting tall. Still as beautiful as ever.

    Seriously...if you ever want to make some side money sell me her old outfits!!! I will buy in bulk :)