Friday, May 27, 2011

a letter from the teacher

a letter from the teacher!

Lilah was so thrilled to get a letter from her teacher in the mail today, inviting her to an open house at school next week. Meet the teacher, see her classroom and hopefully meet some new little friends that will also be in the same Junior Kindergarten class!

She was so thrilled that she spelled out every letter on the front of the envelope!

The day I signed her up for school I was not in the least bit excited about my baby girl heading to school in September, after all, she's just so young and I love spending my days with her. But so many things have changed since that day, just 3 months ago. I know, such a short space of time and so many changes. Lilah turns 4 in another 4 days and her social skills are just going crazy! She always wants to be around people in a social setting, she's definitely our social butterfly! She talks about friends friends friends, *my* friends, ALL THE TIME! She is more than ready for school. And because of that, I'm so excited for her too.

I'm heading back to work in September too, after I get Lilah settled into school. I'll have spent almost 3 years at home with my girl and am returning to work on a part-time schedule, 3 days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm excited to be going back to work and excited to have the other 4 days off with my girl. We'll both get to enjoy the best of both worlds. I SO can't wait to volunteer in her classroom and enjoy this new stage in her life.

But for now, we're just going to enjoy the rest of our summer together!

Oh and speaking of spelling out her letters, she was eating her cheese at snacktime this morning and turned to me and said, "Oh look, I made the letter I".


  1. She is one smart little girl! She will LOVE school and what an awesome job you have that you can not only take 3 years off, but also go back and work only in the middle of the week.

    Be prepared, with a social butterfly and school starting, there will be no end to playdates and sleepovers for the next 15 years!

  2. Hi, I left you a message about adopting a little girl from China and naming her Lilah Grace. How funny is that. Do you mind emailing me at, I would love to talk to you.

  3. these pictures are just so cute of her! I love it when she crosses her legs! too cute! way, too cute!


  4. They just grow up so fast! She'll have so much fun at school with all of her friends. I'm sure you'll have fun at work too, adult conversation is always nice.

  5. She is going to flourish at school, Jill! You have a bright wee spark there!

  6. Oh wow...such a big girl...going to JK in the am sorry I have not commented in awhile but I am having trouble posting with my google account...hmmmm silly computers!


  7. The best of both worlds, indeed! It sounds like Lilah will shine in JK and no doubt it will be wonderful for you to return to work on a part-time basis. I'm thrilled for you that it has worked out so well!

    I know you'll enjoy every moment of your summer together.