Tuesday, November 30, 2010

project 365 ~ month of november ~ 185-214/365

Here are my contributions to the seventh month of Project 365.

I really feel like I'm losing a little bit of interest in this project. I just feel like I don't get outdoors nearly as much now. And well, I feel bored with my photography at the moment, predictable and boring. Eek, and it's only November yet! Hopefully Ireland next month will help pull me out of this dull photography funk!

I'd love a flash for my camera and I think that'll be my next purchase. I really want it for more indoor action shots of Lilah playing - now that she's got her new playroom! We have very low lighting in our house and unless I'm next to a window, I get a lot of blur. I refuse to use the pop-up flash on my camera, it just doesn't do my photos any justice, at all!

Anyway, does anyone else have a Canon and use an external flash? If you do, I'd love to hear what you think of it. Or even if it isn't a Canon, I'd still like to know how much you use the flash and how much better your pictures are from using it. Thanks so much!

November: 185 - 214/365


  1. I never/ever tire of your photography!


  2. I feel the same way...tired of my own photography which is why I started taking photos of friends and their kids!

    Let us all know what kind of feedback you get on the extyernal flash--I'd love to know!

    Can't wait to see those Ireland photos!

    Mary Karen

  3. I get tired of mine sometimes too... it is hard to be super creative.

    My favorite (even though it makes me sad) is the one of Lilah crying... it shows that she is real 3 year old!

    Definitely get the external flash. I never use my built in one either, everything is too yellow. This flash works a thousand times better, even though nothing can touch natural light.

  4. You my dear Jill, are my all time favourite photographer, well next to my friend Erin you should check out her blog (just google Erin Wallis Photography) You pictures make my heart sing :) I compare everything I see to your pics! And you encourage me to A: buy the camera I really wanted! B: take a photography course :) Can't wait to see your Ireland pics


  5. Tired of your own images?! When they are among my absolute favourites?! No way, Jill. Don't lose heart. You consistently capture and edit the most wonderful, evocative images.

    Keep me posted about an external flash. I've been contemplating that too, because we too have very little natural light in our house. (But I always assumed you had tons, from your photos!) With an external flash, would you be angling it so that it bounces off a wall or ceiling to soften it a bit or would you direct it right on your subject? I'm trying to get my head around how I would use such a flash. Have you come across any great sites on it?