Wednesday, November 3, 2010

late...halloween cupcakes

halloween cupcakes

I know, these cupcakes are so overdue!

But I knew we'd be at home all day today, so I kept this project for today. Remember this post about our pretty big renovation project? Yes, the one that started back in April! Well it's almost over. We had our new hardwood installed today, which means the leather couch (which is currently taking over our dining room) can be moved downstairs - relief! And I can officially start buying pictures, rugs, new playroom furniture, new office furniture, etc, etc! Oh I'm SO excited!

Oh yes, back to the cupcakes! So Lilah and I made cupcakes this evening and we brought them around to all the neighbourhood children. I think she liked that. She has a very giving spirit, which I love. Of course, by the time we got to the neighbourhood children, she'd eaten three herself!


  1. Well, cupcakes are always good! And ones with spiders especially. What a kind girl to share.

  2. Those cupcakes look yummy, in a Halloween-y kinda way! Love her facial expressions. Too cute :)

  3. Love these cupcakes! So cute.

  4. It's never too late for cupcakes! Espcially when they're that cute. I love Lilah's curls.

    Gin =)

  5. Hello, sometimes life is strange ;-), but I kind of bumped in here. Thing is I´ve been following Grace and Will´s blog for a long time (aging with grace and strong will too), dont´t comment I´m from Iceland - Reykjavik and have two children from China a seven year old Jiangxi girl and a three year old boy- Chongqing. Anyway as I read through your blog, your little girl is beautiful- love the photos! :) And well I´ve got a sister living in Halifax or just outside in Dartmouth and I´v been there with my then four year old girl and seen those places like Peggy´s cove and Lunenburg a beautiful town. And another thing is that I was in LID room in Rumor Queen when Natalie got her referral for her little girl, sure she doesn´t remember me but shortly afterwards me and my husband got a referral for our sweet boy. Well I just had to comment, good luck to you and your family! :)

    Blessings from Iceland

  6. what a sweet idea. she looks so cute in her costume!

    Love those spiders! I am impressed how even you cupcakes always look!


  7. She is the prettiest little which in the entire universe!! Gorgeous cupcakes and loves the above posts too, especially seeing your China moments!! LOVE your blog!!