Friday, November 19, 2010

"merry kissmas!"

ho ho ho, merry kissmas!

There's a lot of role playing going on around our house. Our little sweetheart has been acting out the whole santa claus thing and I'm finding little stashes of 'presents' in many little hiding places around the house. It's funny, because I don't talk about Santa at all really - I'm trying to keep it that way. Last year we told her that it was us that bought her the presents she got. However, last week we went to the mall and the second she saw santa's grotto, she got wide eyed and immediately exclaimed...

"Ho-Ho-Ho, MERRY KISSMAS! Let's give presents to EVERYBODY!"

I think it's funny how she says "kissmas". She knows how to say Christmas, but totally chooses to say it like kissmas. In fact, for over a month now she's been totally messing up lots of different words (on purpose) while singing and talking. It's her new funny thing to do and she thinks she is quite hilarious!

Here's a little movie clip of something she's been doing this past week and again, thinks herself very hilarious. In this movie you'll see she wears her peaked hat backwards, because Franklin and Bear wear their baseball hats like that, or so I'm told! Oh and if she's role playing Franklin, well dare I call her Lilah or Sweetie or even if I say something to her without addressing her first as Franklin. Phew. A lot of barging and bossing ensues! She's cute and it's pretty obvious that I'm her biggest fan!


  1. Really cute and I lover her modern kitchen!


  2. Oh she is just so CUTE! I LOVE her playroom and her little ice skating fall. Lilah is so adorable. I wish she ad KAte could have a playdate:)

  3. What a funny funny girl you have on your hands! I love how she is so full of Joy! I also like how you are not focussing on Mr Claus so much....we were not believers when we first started having kids, so Santa kinda had to stay. However we have certainly focussed more on what we are celebrating now than Santa ;)

    Merry Kissmas!

  4. Your sweet Lilah girl always brings a smile to my face. Merry Kissmass Lilah!

  5. My girls are Franklin fans as well. Avery went through the hat on backwards thing too, because it's in one of the Franklin books (Jack Rabbit wears it backwards and he's a big kid, or so I've been told).
    Lilah is too cute, as always!

  6. That is what happens when I put on ice skates too! Love the playroom... is that the new area? I love the hats you always find.

  7. Oh she is darling! Her joy is contagious on screen....I see acting in her future;-)???


  8. That first photo looks like a Christmas card.... SO adorable!
    Lilah is adorable in that cuter than ever video!!!!!
    Love her playroom as well!!!!!

  9. She is DEE-LIGHTFUL! I love that smile and her humor.

    Gin =)

  10. Yes Paige, it's her new playspace. There's still so much to do and buy and the baseboard trim isn't on yet, but we are getting there and Lilah LOVES it. It will be great for the winter!

  11. That photo is utter perfection! Love her expression there!

    Very cute video too!!