Saturday, November 20, 2010

help santa toy parade

This evening we went downtown for supper with our friends. And since the 'Help Santa Toy Parade' was happening in the city, we decided we'd take a walk over to watch the remainder of it. Lilah was super excited and taken in by all the shiny lights and music on all the floats, little girls dancing in the street, dressed up princesses, larger than life mascot teddy bears, candy canes galore, snowmen, elves... Oh my, I could just see her little mind just racing and recording it all.

The highlight of her night though, was when the larger-than-life teddy bear mascot hugged her. Oh, she was so so thrilled. She was also pretty happy when a fireman gave her a yummy candy cane.

Santa, on the other hand, totally disappointed her! After he said "Ho-Ho-Ho. Merry Christmas. I love you all.", and passed on by, she looked up at me rather startled and said, "But he didn't give me a present?" Oops - I guess she was hoping for a present!

My favourite 'Lilah quote' of the evening was when she asked me: "Are those goats real?" She was actually talking about the reindeers on santa's float! I know, I am so bad, but I totally laughed out loud!


  1. Too funny! I would have totally laughed at the "goat" comment, too.
    Great photos.
    Gin =)

  2. Fantastic this parad for the children !
    What did she choose for presents ?

    Your picture with the christmas hat are very nice and your daughter allways so pretty !

    good Christmas
    Severine from south France

  3. I love your pictures. They really put me in the mood.

    And, maybe Santa has a new ride and they are goats!!


  4. What a fun Christmasy time :) It does still seem early for parades - wow, I have been out of the Northern Hemisphere for a long time!

    I would have laughed too, I guess they look a little like goats :)

  5. Oh sweet Lilah with the goats :-) Mya calls ALL deer reindeer and ALL bears PANDA bears...we just smile & let her :-)

  6. It is really throwing me off that Christmas is almost here! What a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Lilah does say the greatest things.

  7. Hahaha! I would totally laugh at the "goat" comment as well:) Too cute! Darn that Santa for forgetting gifts!


  8. There is nothing better in this whole wide world than the innocence of children.....Lilah Grace is adorable!