Wednesday, December 1, 2010

santa claus

"Oh I LOVE santa" she gushed to me, with more enthusiasm than if you or I won a million dollars.

Honestly. Those were her exact words.

She'd just finished visiting with santa for the third time in the two hour timeframe we spent at the mall today. And I'm pretty sure she'd have been there a few times more, if given the chance. Just as well he wasn’t busy.

When asked, she told santa she wanted "a box" for Christmas. A box! When he asked her what she wanted IN the box she said, "Somefing special". I think all those big brightly wrapped (fake) box presents with the fancy bows under the mall's Christmas trees may have influenced her decision!

She also brought along her baby brother (aka Piggy Boy) to “meet santa” – her words. Piggy Boy doesn’t often make it out of the house for such outings, because Piggy Boy has been ‘nearly lost’ a few times. I‘ve had to call around many stores in my mad frenzy to find him, because I have no idea what great calamities might happen if he really and truly got lost!

santa 1

And her 2009 santa shot...sigh.


  1. Lilah is so darn sweet! Poor Piggy boy, heres to hoping he never truly gets lost on a outing! Your Santa is way better than the one here! Ours in rather thin and creepy looking ;)


  2. That's adorable. I love the somfing special comment... too sweet!!

    And I love, love her cake from the other post!! So creative.

  3. Oh, she is so sweet! The magic of still works in our house. My oldest will be 8 next year but she's not 100% sure that Santa isn't real. She still wants to believe and of course we let her.

    Erika B

  4. That is a great Santa! I am glad Piggy got to go along as well, and the box... well that should make your shopping much easier!

  5. This is one of the best Santa photos I've seen yet..guess it's because the little girl with Santa is so adorable.

    Gin =)

  6. You have the piggy....we have Sammi's blue blanket. Oh..please don't let us ever.never.ever lose that blue blanky!!! :)