Friday, December 31, 2010

project 365 ~ month of december ~ 215-245/365

Here are my contributions to the eighth month of Project 365.

What an easy month to take pictures and a hard month to decide which ones to use! I thought the winter months were going to be harder, but December certainly wasn't one of those months. With Christmas and our three week holiday in Ireland, it didn't take a whole pile of encouragement to pull out the camera. I once said I loved the Autumn more than any other season, but Winter has so many fabulous aspects to it too.

Where is the time going? I only have another 120 pictures to take and that's it!

December: 215 - 245/365


  1. December favorite... the bike.

  2. I absolutely love your layout. I started P365 on the first, so I'm still trying to get my organization down pat. Could you give me some pointers on the templates you use? Thanks a million!! LOVE your blog and your cutie!!