Friday, December 3, 2010

'the nutcracker'

I think we've just started a beautiful Christmas tradition!

Tonight Lilah and I went downtown to the NAC (National Arts Center), to watch the Alberta Ballet perform 'The Nutcracker'. It was a stunningly fabulous production, the costumes were incredible, the orchestra was amazing, to be quite frank, I have never seen anything quite like it. Lilah was glued to all 2 hours of it, only at one point she couldn't stop asking me: "Did he break his arm? Did he break his arm? Did he break his arm?". She really loved Mr. Nutcracker and was a little concerned for him breaking his arm!

After the production was over we stopped by a little sales table and given her choice of either Princess Clara, King Mouse or Mr. Nutcracker. Yes, she only had eyes for Mr. Nutcracker! And then she twirled and twirled and loved on Mr. Nutcracker for the rest of the evening!


  1. What a great tradition! I will have to take my daughters to see it (maybe next year!) and I have never seen anyone love a Nutcracker so much... so sweet!

  2. I love how she is so serious and matter of fact! Such a fun tradition!

    After we went last Christmas,Riley talked about it throughout the year :) Its one of my favorite Christmas traditions! Glad you girls had so much fun!


  3. What a beautiful tradition. I think maybe next year Kerry will be ready for something like that. I just love listening to Lilah. Her dress is beautiful and how cute that she's already perfected her skirt "twirl".

    Gin =)

  4. A wonderful tradition! How very fun that Lilah enjoyed her first time at this beautiful Christmas classic. We haven't been in years - last year I wanted to go in Sydney but it was in June and I missed it!

    This year we are just too busy - hopefully next year.

    I've missed you!