Thursday, December 2, 2010

late afternoon, trip to the park

late afternoon park

We went to the park late this afternoon.

I promised Lilah a trip to the park because she was such a great helper today. Have I mentioned she loves helping? It takes me so much longer, but it's twice the fun! It's been a while since we've been to the park, with the snow and ice rain we've had recently; I'd pretty much written it off for the year. But then this past couple of days it rained and rained, which is kinda great, because the snow and ice are both gone! Well, for a day or two anyway!

I've never had the chance to photograph in the sunset - I think I may have fallen in love with photography again! Or maybe, probably, definitely it's the subject I'm in love with! A very happy excited thrilled girl, who absolutely loves the park!

On a side note, Lilah has had a few tough moments this week. I hope I'm reading all her signs correctly, but it would seem to me that she is trying to figure out and deal with some abandonment issues. We looked through some China pictures of her SWI and her nanny holding her, a while back - obviously this isn't the first time - and now she talks a lot about her nanny. Specifically about leaving her. She also mentions her in her bedtime prayers. She doesn't have any photographs or memories of her birth parents, so I think it would make sense that she feels abandoned by her nanny. Also, we've been chatting recently about the possibility of a sibling and I'm wondering if that is making her feel insecure. She sobbed uncontrollably when I asked her if she was worried that we (Baba & Mama) would leave her. So there's been a whole lot of daily holding, reassuring and long long chats together. Today was the first day this week that she didn't bring it up.

And now some pictures. What a beautiful girl she is. I would do absolutely anything for her.


  1. what georgous pictures. you lucked out with that amazing light. not to mention how georgous your daughter is

    love the top picture

  2. Georgeous photos of your georgeous girl. I'm sorry to hear Lilah is a bit out of sorts, but you're a great Mama, and I know you will help her through it. She seems like such a smart girl so it's no surprise that she's already starting to process these things a bit. I'm very excited to hear this news about the possibility of another little one. We are just now at the point where we are saying "maybe" when asked.

    Gin =)

  3. That lighting is gorgeous!

    I guess they will be processing these issues on and off all of their lives. It is exciting to get a sibling... a huge change... but it is a good one and as long as she can be a "helper" with her new sisters care, their relationship will thrive.

  4. Your photos of Lilah Grace captivate me...her whimsical ways are so delightful! thanks for sharing!

  5. what a precious little soul she it. I am sure your heart breaks for her. But, I love the fact that she trusts you so much that she can process it all with you.


  6. Oh sweet Lilah! Abadonment issues can be so difficult! You are such great parents Jill!

    A possibility of a sibling!?! How very exciting! Oh I can't wait to hear what you decide!!!

    Praying for your sweetest girl.

    Hugs & Blessings,

  7. Love the picture of Lilah with her hand on her cheek.
    Excited to hear that you may be adding another child to your family.

  8. All your pictures are beautiful... LOVE that first one. Just amazing.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photos! That light is so gorgeous and in combination with your gal, it's just all so perfect!

    Sorry to hear Lilah's been having a hard time. It's so hard to see them process / begin to process their history and to see how it affects their lives in the here and now. I'm sure you're doing everything possible to help her through it.

  10. You take beautiful photos Jill!

    I am sorry to hear that Lilah is struggling with things and yet I am so thankful that she has you and your husband to walk life's journey with.

    And the possiblity of a sibling sounds wonderful!