Wednesday, September 22, 2010

happy zhongqiu festival

zhongqiu festival - 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival otherwise known as Zhongqiu Festival.

Wasn't the Harvert Moon beautiful tonight? Lilah and I took a walk this evening, she with her Hello Kitty Lantern and me with my camera to get a shot of the moon. I read online how to photograph the moon and I'm really glad I did, because otherwise I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have turned out quite like this! Last year we couldn't see the moon at all because it was so cloudy. But tonight was the perfect night, even in the city we could see the stars. Beautiful.

Lilah proudly hung her lanterns last week in celebration for this day and ever since she's been counting them and telling us what colours they are and pushing the little accordians that they are, in and out. She's also been asking us what our favourite colours are - Baba said he liked all the colours, I told her I liked green and of course our little-miss-fancy-pants told us her favourites are the pink ones!

Today Lilah made some mooncakes out of playdough, so much fun. You may or may not remember last year's Autumn Moon Festival when I actually tried to make mooncakes myself and they turned out a complete disaster. This year our family is safe from having to eat my rock hard mooncakes. Instead I bought some peanut butter cookies with jam in the middle. And if you have a pretty vivid imagination, like Lilah and I do, you could quite possibly come up with the idea that they look like the moon! I know I know, your imagination probably isn't quite as vivid as ours! But they did taste great.

Tonight we went out to one of our favourite Chinese restaurants - Brother Wu - for some yummy supper. And Lilah, I know, was overjoyed when she got her beloved chicken & sweetcorn soup. Is your child the same or is it just Lilah, as soon as she hears the word 'soup' her face lights up like a Christmas tree. She absolutely loves soup and last week she pretty much begged me to make more homemade (of course) cream of tomato soup. She also loves loves loves the chicken and vegetable soup I make. Throughout the summer I, for obvious reasons, don't make soup. So now that soup is back on my menu these days, she is ALL OVER IT! I kinda feel guilty that I've been depriving her.

So that's how we celebrated Zhongqui. Hope you all had a wonderful day too.


  1. Awesome shot of the moon! Was it tricky?

    It's so nice that you are celebrating the Chinese holidays with your daughter!

  2. Hi Lily's Mom!

    Thanks, it's the first time I've photographed the moon, so I as pretty thrilled with how it turned out!

    I imagined it would be tricky, but it wasn't at all. I just slipped my dial to TV mode (shutter speed priority) and put my telephoto lens on, 250mm.

    Judging by your fantastic sunset photo, you'll have no problem with this... at all.


  3. Jill,

    Oh wow!!!! Beautiful pictutes as always:-). LOVE the playdough moon cakes....did that come as a set???? Sophie would be all over that, AND the Hello Kitty lantern, of course.

    Love, love, love your posts!


  4. beautiful!! my mom got to celebrate this year IN CHINA!! they had a feast and a mooncake. lucky kids!

  5. Those are some pretty fancy playdough mooncakes! My Lilah isn't about the soup... she would chose crackers and cheese every meal if I let her!

    Happy Zhongqiu festival!

  6. Love the playdoh mooncakes--what a fabulous idea!

  7. Happy Zhongqiu Festival! We are celebrating on Saturday with 2 other families! And yes, we have a soup lover!!! Its all about the soup, although poor Howard HATES soup....I think it has something to do with growing up poor. He always asks really soup, is there anything else to go with :0) Beautiful pic of the moon!


  8. Awesome moon photo.... Love it and all of these festive, colorful, beautiful photos!

    I also love the photo of you and brings tears to my eyes it is so precious!!!!!!!

  9. Beautiful photos as always. I have got to get one of those moon cake molds. Kerry would be thrilled! Kerry is a HUGE soup fan, like Lilah. Especially homemade, or any of the Cambell's Select soups with chicken in them. She even wants to drink the broth. Your lanterns are so pretty, Lilah looks like she enjoyed them, too.

    Gin =)

  10. Fantastic shot of the moon, Jill.

  11. "I LOVE you right up to the moon and back again" You girls are pretty special to me.
    Lovely photos! Mum & Nono xx

  12. oh I LOVE your moon picture - and it was just gorgeous, it had me thinking about China :)

    You do such an amazing job with these festivals! I need to step up my game - my camera is broken (wahhhhhh) and this apartment dwelling is taking a lot of my energy :) thanks for the beautiful eye candy today!

    ps NO, Tia does not like soup - maybe it is just that you make great soup?!

  13. Our daughter Sylvie (2.5) loves soup too! It doesn't matter what kind of soup it it, she is enamored with the idea of slurping her soup. And now that Daddy has shown her you can crush saltines into your soup - she has to do this too.

    I find that it is one of the only ways I can ensure she eats her veggies, since veggies she liked yesterday might be on her personal "no longer like this - no eat list" the next day (sigh).

    We did have to institute the "no blowing on your soup" rule since she loves cooling her food down by blowing on it. Soup was going EVERYWHERE! Now I dish it out for her and leave it on the counter for a good ten minutes!