Thursday, September 30, 2010

project 365 ~ month of september ~ 124-153/365

Here are my contributions to the fifth month of Project 365.

Aren't each of the seasons wonderful? They have a way of not letting us get bored with life! There are so many dramatic changes during the month of September. Like going from sandals to boots, from swimsuits to sweaters, etc. There is something about September that I really love, maybe I just enjoy change. I love the wardrobe changes, the beautiful change of colours, the change in our menu, warm soups and stews... I could go on. I really do appreciate the early fall.

Anyway, I seem to say this a lot, but it was a crazy busy month and to be completely honest, there are a lot of 'fillers' in here. Yep, I had to fill up the gaps of my non-photography days! I wish I could have had my camera out every single day, but unfortunately I haven't had the time. And I also can't believe how quickly the days are getting shorter. Man oh man. Now that's a change I'm not so fond of!

Here's hoping I can do better photographing my way through the month of October!

September: 124 - 153/365


  1. Okay, my September pick... Lilah with her Bible.

  2. My fav's the family picture at the bottom


  3. These are fabulous! I love and heartily agree with what you said about Sept. and all the wonderful changes. :)

  4. can't wait for October. I just love all of you images. Beautiful work.


  5. I love the Fall so much too. You're exactly right, the warm homemade soup, new wardrobe, crisp air.....sooo good!
    I love your pics Jill!! You are capturing amazing memories for Lilah.