Sunday, September 5, 2010

pink lake, gatineau park

pink lake, gatineau

We live in an amazing city. We're urbanites. But we have the best of both the urban and the suburban worlds. Just a 10 minute drive can take us to the beautiful Gatineau Park. There are trees galore (you should see this place in the autumn, it is breathtaking) and lakes and hiking trails and bike paths. It's spectacular. We really should spend more time here.

Well we did on Saturday, yesterday. We went for a walk around the Mackenzie King Estate, (I already posted about that) and then hiked (or in our case strolled) the 2km trail around Pink Lake. Lilah walked half, if not three quarters, of the way, even without our encouragement - we were pretty proud of her!


  1. It is very pretty, almost looks like the Rocky Mountains! Although you are not wearing your mountain hiking gear and you probably don't need bear spray either...

    Looks like great family time, you really should post pictures in the fall here, it would be amazing!

  2. Wow its beautiful! I love walking trails like that! I think Paige is right photos during fall would be breathtaking!


  3. Love all of these gorgeous photos including the family photo in the previous post...and the park photos with Lilah on a water slide.... SO many beautiful photos of your beautiful family!

    Thank you for your comment on our are so kind!!!! I did curl Lily's hair... she is all about curls!

  4. so pretty!! we need to make a little trip there!

  5. What a georgeous place! These photos are beautiful, I especially love the ones of your sweet little family =)

  6. Wow, it is beautiful there - and your photos are stunning! I need to take a class from you! Way to go Lilah walking all that way!