Monday, September 27, 2010

'tis the season for boots and tights

It's that season again. And Lilah, my girl, is THRILLED. One thing is for sure, the girl does not like to be cold or even the idea of being cold. She loves her boots and tights, and was jumping for joy when she got to wear them for the first time on Saturday past - I just bought them about two weeks ago.

Each night Lilah goes upstairs to her bedroom and picks out whatever pair of pajamas she wants to wear. And each and every night she'll shout down to us from her bedroom: "Is it going to be cold tonight?". She asks that question to help her decide which pair she should wear! Anyway, she's being asking the same question for about 3 weeks now and when she shouted the same question downstairs tonight, Colin looked at me and said, "Is she going to ask us this same question for the next 6 months?!". Because that's about as long as the 'cold season' lasts around these parts...or even longer!

She looks like the cat that got the cream in this picture!

new boots


  1. Totally cute outfit! I have been trying to find really warm clothes for Addy as she was cold when it was 10 degrees a few days ago!!! Poor thing will not know what hit her when we hit -40! Don't you just love Fall!?! I love refreshing mine and the kids wardrobes, pumpkin anything, Thanksgiving all the colours, and yes tights and boots :0)


  2. Love those cute boots and that dress.....It is so fun reading about Miss Lilah... she is so full of personality!!!!

  3. I love her little fall outfit and boots! And will you look at that smile?!! Love it!

    Gin =)

  4. I am giggling about Lilah's cute expression! I love her outfit and boots! How cute that she yells that same question every night!

    Tia won't wear warm and cozy clothes :( good thing it was freezing and 75 today.

    I never thought anyone didn't know Elijah was adopted - however I will say that we went to Ukraine because with our older two looking so much alike we thought our child would look more like us. When we decided to adopt again that didn't seem to matter anymore :) and it soooooooo doesn't!

    Have a great week!

  5. I LOVE that outfit. she looks adorable.


  6. I love the outfit also! And I agree with Lilah... tights and boots are the best! Love her expressions.

  7. Omigosh, Lilah's expression here reminds me of my own funny gal, Claire.

    I'm with everyone else, that outfit is so great! You put together the best outfits!

  8. Aww thanks.

    I'm not sure what year this Old Navy dress is from. I bought it in a consignment store. I fell in love with the colour and pattern, not to mention the warm and cozy t-shirt material - perfect fo this time of year. And for $8 I couldn't pass it up! I added the black tutu skirt underneath for a bit of volume. Our girl needs a bit of volume sometimes!! ;)


  9. Thank you for the really nice comment about my photography. I've got some subjects that I'm obviously crazy about.

    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. And I can tell she is a delight by your fabulous pictures of her.

    I adore her name.

    Gail :)

  10. She ALWAYS makes me smile. And we are so wishing for cooler weather here. It's still so darn hot. I am sick of summer clothes.

  11. she gets cuter every day