Saturday, September 11, 2010

annual porch sale

porch sale porch sale

porch sale porch sale

porch sale porch sale

Today was our annual porch sale. It was a glorious day for a porch sale.

We live in an area that is very close to two universities. I understand now why they have this porch sale on this weekend every year... the students are all back! And what a great idea! Great 'stuff' at affordable prices!

Lilah was so excited to get out and check it all out. On our first trip around a couple of streets, we didn't find anything. But on the second round, after we had our lunch, we found several cute little gizmos. Altogether they totalled $1.75, and Missy was absolutely thrilled with her purchases...

A jewellery box - $1.00
Chinese flash cards - 50¢
A little note book (new) - 25¢

She also got a yummy chocolate chip cookie, a glass of iced tea and her face painted by a little girl - she was maybe 7 or 8! In fact, her Mom thought taking on a butterfly could have been disastrous, but it worked out just fine. And when we got home Lilah had to put on her butterfly outfit to seal the deal! She's been flapping her arms and flying around singing, "Happy Butterfly Day" on and off all afternoon!

Also, ever since the porch sale, I've been listening in on her 'playing shop'. Here's some of the stuff I've overheard her saying...

"This is opened at 10 o'clock."
"How much is it? Cents? Dollars?"
"Actually, I need somefing else."
"I'm making 5 cents."
"I'm selling some vegetable soup."
"That's a bit pricey."
"What are you selling today? Tomatoes? Cookies?"

While I'm typing this, she just brought the homemade vegetable soup (with torn up leaves) to Baba and said "It's 10 dollars Baba". He almost fell over and exclaimed "What?! 10 dollars?!". She looked at him and said "That's all!". Funny girl!


  1. It was a perfect day for just about anything.

    Looks like a fun day for you!


  2. She is funny! Love the last picture. That is so cute that a little girl painted her face... I don't know... I might spend 10 dollars on soup from her too.

  3. That Lilah, she says the funniest things! I love that you post her little sayings - they crack me up!

    When I first looked at your blog post I thought you were selling your porch! I'm glad you didn't :) I love the ways we use different expressions in different countries/regions :)

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. I love the things she says. And I think she could talk just about anyone into buying a ten dollar bowl of soup from her.

    Gin =)