Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"some day we will go to heaven"

A conversation initiated by Lilah after bedtime prayers tonight:

Lilah: Some day we will go to heaven Mama.
Me: Yes, some day the Lord will give a shout and everyone that is saved will go up to heaven.
Lilah: Will we drive there?
Me: No sweetie, we can't drive there.
Lilah: Will we swim there?
Me: No sweetie, we can't swim there.
Lilah: Will God just pull us up there?
Me: Hmm. Yes, that's kinda like what will happen.
Lilah: I'm going to go to heaven and tell God sorry for my sins Mama, but we have to be saved - we still sin.
Me: Yes sweetie, we are sinners. That's why the Lord Jesus died for us on the cross - to forgive us our sins.
Lilah: Heaven will be so happy Mama. I'm going to have so much fun there.


  1. I love the perspective of a child when it comes to these things! What a wise little girl she is... and we will have so much fun there!

  2. You are doing a great job with her! She seems very mature and bright to me! I don't think Tia understands concepts that Lilah gets and she is 10.5 months older!

  3. Oh she is soooo right.... heaven will be so much fun!
    Bless her sweet heart!

    Just caught up on all of the posts I've missed.... once again I am behind...

    I love all of the photos and loved reading all of your posts!!!!!!

  4. She is an amazing little girl, and it's wonderful how she "gets" it. We should all have her child-like faith and wisdom.

    Gin =)

  5. What a beautiful exchange--
    from www.wearegraftedin.com